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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

[Unboxing] Neko Box March Zakka Kit - Sakura!

Neko Box

When Neko Box released a Sakura-themed kit, I knew that was the next stationery box I had to try! Other than the monthly zakka / stationery kits, there are other themed kits available, and lots of household items! 

I pre-ordered the March Zakka Kit in February. There was a 20% discount code, so I paid USD$24.40 for the box (inclusive of USS$6 for shipping). Shipping for this box definitely took a while; I received the shipping notification in mid-March, but received this on 7 April, so about three weeks. 

But it was such a pretty box to receive! 

Box contents include : - 

- Leaflet detailing item descriptions
- Sakura sticker sheet 
- Sakura washi tape
- Postcard 
- Thank you card (blank)
- Sakura stamp
- Pink Signo ink pen 
- Pink notebook (with ruler and line guide) 

My instant favourites!

The ink from the pen flows well, and is a bright pink! I have not used it much since I still have my array of Juice pens. 

The notebook has a pretty pink cover! While the pages are blank (not my preference), it comes with a handy ruler guide. I have not thought about what to use it for - maybe a tea journal?

Welcome addition to my hobonichi!

This subscription box is definitely one of the more affordable ones. The theme for the boxes change every month so you can get just those that you like! Nebo Box frequently has discount codes too; you can camp and see if one is offered during the pre-order month. 

You can also check out other available subscription boxes in my compilation post here!

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

[Amaya Travels] Minoo, Osaka, Japan (Nov 18)

After the first experience in Tsumago-Magome, we were more prepared to tackle the Minoo Park walk. We were lucky that the path leading up to the waterfall was open when we were there. The typhoon had caused a lot of damage, and the paths were closed for some time. Even during our walk up, there were many smaller paths that were closed, and there were many nets set up to along the sides.

It is pretty easy to get to Minoo Park, as it has a train station. The convenience of the station, along with the paved roads up make it popular with families as well. The tourist buses start to come in at around 10am, so do go early if you want to get a seat on the limited benches at the waterfall!

The red leaves for Minoo were more sparse than in Tsumago-Magome. 

The architecture in the park also feels more Buddhist-influenced.

The greens were also pretty!

These were taken on our way down at around noon, so the light was really bright!

And of course, the highlight of Minoo Park is the Minoo waterfall! 

There was a rainbow!
Stalls selling a variety of snacks!

Maple leaf tempura!
Maple leaf tempura is sold all year round in Minoo. Not all maple leaf varieties can be eaten.

Toasted mochi with yuzu sauce! The best thing on this walk.

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Thursday, January 03, 2019

[Amaya Travels] Tsumago-Magome Nakasendo Trail, Japan (Nov 18)

The highlight of this November trip was to catch the autumn foilage, and my friend recommended going on this hiking trail in the Gifu Prefecture. 

The Nakasendo or 'Road through the Central Mountains' was part of feudal Japan's network of highways. Basically, it was the old road that travellers would take to travel between Kyoto and Tokyo during the Edo period. 

The Tsumago-Magome section of the Nakasendo is about 8 km long, and it took us a grand total of 6 hours to complete it xDDDD We were not prepared for the ups and downs of this trail. 

We took a local train to Nakatsuagawa station, and waited for the bus that would take us to Magome. It is really easier to complete it starting from the Magome end. We got breakfast at a small shop near the tourist centre! 

Western: Pancakes
Eastern: Hot amazuke!

Little trinkets for sale in one of the souvenir shops

The leaves were also pretty in the town!

There are a lot of small shops and houses in the beginning, but the forest area takes over pretty quickly. We were not disappointed - there was so much to see and admire!

Lots of signs available to guide your way through the Nakasendo. Some parts have been interrupted by the highway, so at some point you will be travelling alongside fast cars. There were not many tourists on the day we went, so it was relatively quiet both on the trail and on the road. Surprisingly, there were a few Singaporean tourists on the same trail XD

The redness of the foliage was quite different depending on which spot we were on the trail, and the lighting changed a lot too because we spent 6-7 hours on it XD 

We were SO GLAD to see this sign.

Apparently there are two types of persimmons in season - the round ones and the pointy ones. The pointy ones are usually dried to concentrate the flavour before eating, while the round ones are sweet enough to be eaten as is. Many households were hanging these outside their houses!

Ending off this post with a cute cat in Magome! 

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.