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Monday, September 24, 2012

[anibee] K-Palette Exclusive Launch

Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored by anibee, it does not affect the integrity of my work.

If you were in Bugis Junction last Sunday, did you catch the crowd at Bugis BHG?

K-Palette is a highly popular Japan brand here in Singapore, having display stands at Watsons and Sasa, as well as strong reputation in online stores such as Bellabox. You may have seen or used some of their well-known products such as the 24H two-way eyebrow liner and their 1-Day Tattoo Eyeliner.

Not only do they have attractive discounts, bloggers were also exclusively invited to try out the new products! Luckily for me, I was invited to my first blogger event by local J-Portal, anibee!

360-degree K-Palette counter!

Zero Kuma concealer (:

Mascara base.

Eyebrow liners (:
However! At this exclusive event, K-Palette introduced their new 1-Day Lash Perm as well as a Limited Edition Waterproof Eyeliner (:

The event was also graced by Miko Yatsu, one of K-Palette's top makeup artists. Did you catch her at the most recent free makeover session (prior to this event) at Watsons at Raffles City and Tampines Mall? The first 10 people to get a free makeover also received a goodie bag worth $60!


Le crowd

Some tips that Miko-sensei taught the audience:
  • Big eyes are important for a complete fall look!
  • Use of grey eyeshadow base will help in opening the eyes.
  • Don't neglect the bottom lashes! Applying a mascara base before applying mascara will help lengthen them even more.

Makeover time!

Afterwards, two out of the four of us had a one-to-one makeover with Miko-sensei! I had a cute look done on me (:

with Miko-sensei!
Some tips from Miko-sensei for a cute look:
  • Eyebrows should have a teeny arch, but overall smooth. Having slightly shorter eyebrows will increase cuteness level.
  • Eyeshadows used: Pink cream base, one lighter pink and one darker pink eyeshadow. Go for shimmery eyeshadows (:
  • Use a pencil liner to fill in the spaces in the eyelashes, and go over with the liquid liner for a better effect. Have the eyeliner a bit thicker in the centre of the eye for bigger eyes!
  • Mascara on your top lashes (brush upwards normally, downwards in a rolling fashion) and your bottom lashes (: Have a few more coats in the centre part of your lashes.
  • Blush should be on the highest point and the inner side of your cheeks.
  • Lip gloss is essential

Then it was Patricia's turn! To be transformed into a sexy lady :D

Some tips from Miko-sensei for a sexy look:
  • Applying loose powder before any makeup will help to remove excess sebum from the face and promote long-lasting wear of your makeup
  • Eyeshadows used: Gold cream base, red-brown and a darker brown eyeshadows
  • Same as before, mascara on your top lashes (brush upwards normally, downwards in a rolling fashion) and your bottom lashes (: But for a sexy look, have more coats on the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Dark pink lipstick but no gloss.

Goodie bag time!

I also received a very generous goodie bag!! :DD (yes it's so awesome it has a heading for itself)

Goodie bag!

Close up of the handwritten tag!
What's inside:

From left to right:
  • Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer (01 Natural Beige) $19.90
  • 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara $25.90
  • K-Palette Real Lasting Micro Eyeliner 24h (Waterproof Jet Black) $19.90
  • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h (Waterproof SuperBlack) $19.90
  • K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h (Waterproof SuperBlack) Limited Edition Design! $19.90
  • K-Palette Shiny Star Eyes 02 (Safari Star) $26.90
Prices taken from beautycarousel.

Aren't they awesome products! The goodie bag also came with two leaflets containing important information regarding the new products (:

Product reviews

The 1 Day Lash Perm is placed in eye-catching red packaging, and has detailed information on the back of it.
The back!
It really lives up to its name of lengthening lashes and maintaining the curl! I've always had a problem with my very straight lashes, and this product really helps to keep the curl (:

It is also waterproof and removable with warm water. How is this possible?! According to the translator, you have to use water of at least 38deg Celsius, which means your normal sweat and sebum secretions cannot remove it because normal body temperature is below 38deg! This is good news for anyone who has sensitive eyes, as you will not need to use eye makeup remover to remove the mascara (:

I also did a quick comparison between the normal eyeliner and the micro eyeliner below:

See how much finer the tip is?
For a review on K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h (Waterproof SuperBlack), check out this post here! It also has a review on the 2-way eyebrow liner.

The Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer (01 Natural Beige) is the first of the three types of concealers they have, with moisturizing effects (: Perfect for me, as my under eye area is really dry. The concealer also provides even and long-lasting coverage.

Lastly, great thanks to Anibee for this opportunity! I have enjoyed this event greatly, and I am honoured to have been able to attend with other awesome bloggers, Mirai, Zongyi and Patricia ((: Do check them out!

Group shot!

For more info, please visit : https://www.facebook.com/kpalettesingapore

You can also check out the post featured on anibee!