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Friday, September 21, 2012

[anibee] K-Palette Make-up Products Review

Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored by anibee, it does not affect the integrity of my work.

Hello (: Have you spotted these products in a Watsons or Sasa near you?

Look at that eye-catching packaging!
These are highly popular products from K-Palette, the 24H Real Lasting 2-way Eyebrow Liner (on left), and their (1-Day Tattoo) 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (on right)! K-Palette has been consistently rated as one of the top three best-selling eyeliners in Japan since 3 years ago and is best well-known for their long-lasting and award-winning range of “1 Day Tattoo” cosmetics. K-Palette's eyebrow liner was also winner of the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2012. How awesome is that :D

The eyebrow liquid liner

The liquid side is a normal cap, and the powder side is a screw-on cap.
The eyebrow liquid liner is a unique product with a powder side and a liquid side. This product is very useful for filling in brows, especially for people who have thin eyebrows. This is also suitable for people who want to extend their eyebrows beyond their normal eyebrows, yet still want to look natural. The eyebrow liquid liner is available in two colours: #01 Chocolate brown and #02 Honey brown. I find it better to match the colour to use to the colour of your hair than to your face.

If you notice, I don't have most of the 2nd half of my eyebrow ):

After! Brows look more defined, yet the colour is not harsh.
I personally find the eyebrow liner really easy to use, and the colour is not as harsh as pencil liners because of the translucent ink. If you have a night out and want more dramatic eyebrows, using this product will take you quite a while, so opt for this product if time is on your side to build colour (: The colour I used is #01 Chocolate brown, which is the darker colour of the two. This product can also double up as an eye shadow to line the bottom eyelid (: If you are more active but cannot go to the beach without make-up on, do consider fixing it with some lash gel, or bring it out to touch up during the day.

The 1-day tattoo eyeliner

The fine pen tip allows precise control (:

With both the eyebrow and the eye liner (:
I am not a fan of liquid liners, but I find this product quite easy to use and to build thickness (though it might take a while). I extended the liner quite a bit in the above photo so that you can see how it looks like, as I do not usually draw very thick and visible eye liner. The pen tip is really fine, so it's useful for filling in the gaps in your lashes as well. It dries really fast (under 10 seconds), but if you make a mistake, you can easily remove with a Q-tip and some make-up remover or your foundation (if you already have foundation on your eyelid).

Some tips for while using these products:
  • Keep the pen horizontal to prevent the tip from drying out (lighter colour). You can always shake it with the tip pointing downwards if you find the colour fading.
  • This eyebrow liquid liner will stain your eyebrows, though it is not as powerful as eyebrow mascaras.
  • It does not come out under running water or light rubbing.
The eyebrow liquid liner retails at Watsons for $18.90 and the 1-Day Tattoo eyeliner for $19.90. They are also available at Sasa stores and Bugis BHG, or you can obtain them online from BeautyCarousel (worldwide delivery).

Get yours now!


Thank you to anibee for this wonderful opportunity to try out these awesome products because I would not have bought them in store and try :P 

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