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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Games] Games Summary Post!

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

So here's my summary of games that I've played throughout the month. The games I play vary greatly and are highly dependent on whether it's currently school term or not :P

During school term, I prefer playing games of a shorter duration, like sudoku puzzles and hidden object games (HOG). During the holidays, I like to play on my 3DS or PC games that require longer commitment, like Legend of Heroes series.

What platform do I play my games on?

If you want to always play the latest game releases, Big Fish Games has a very large, up-to-date selection, releasing one game a day! However, I mostly play on HP Games, for they offer a free play on the full version of the game, and I usually finish a hidden object game within the free play itself. BHG however, offers only an hour free or the demo version. ): Plus, buying the games from there is a tad more expensive than HP Games unless you get into the Big Fish Game Club.

On to the games!

Margrave 4: The Blacksmith's Daughter
Played on: Big Fish Games. 
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): ~3 hours 
It opens with a song! That was cool. Pretty graphics and a nice soundtrack. Plot-wise there was a lot left unexplored, but that happens with hidden object games often so that they can come up with sequels. I got lost and confused several times in the game though, and the map wasn't very helpful IMO ): But it was fully voiced-over, and you could turn it off if you disliked their voices.

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered
Played on: HP Games
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): ~1 hour 
It's really easy xD Much shorter than most Nancy Drew games I've played, but granted it is the first game they ever released, with upgrades to current levels of graphics, conversation and phone system. This plot is slightly more ominous because the trigger was that someone died. In almost all Nancy Drew games released, the trigger is usually near-death accidents/scary rumours, but nothing ever so concrete as death. Of course, you don't get to see the body or anything. Pretty child-friendly. Has a good soundtrack to build suspense toward the end of the game.

Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee
Played on: HP Games
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): Never finished in free trial :P

Twisted Lands: The Origin
Played on: HP Games
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): ~4.5hours
This game involved a lot of backtracking. Thankfully the map was more helpful and would indicate if there was something to do in that area. You could also activate a compass to show you all the possible exits in that location. Only problem was the arrows don't correspond to exit movement, so there were times I was just clicking the arrow and it didn't change locations ): Plot was interesting though! Could do with better graphics.

Do you have any games to recommend me? Leave it in a comment below (:

Hope this post was helpful ^^



Saturday, October 27, 2012

[Personal] Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant at M Hotel

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

A few weeks ago, I bought a groupon for a 10 Course Hokkaido Teppanyaki Set. Check out all the awesome foodies and my thought on the whole dinner below!

Can you identify all of them?

I had to call to make a reservation, and they gave me a choice on sitting at a table, or sitting at the teppanyaki table, where you get to see the chef making all the foods. Plus you get the foods first, because you don't have to wait for the waiter/waitress to come in to collect the food to deliver to your table. The food is always best eaten hot, so I think for some sitting at tables might received their food a little cooler than best. Only downside is that you'll smell like the teppanyaki area after you're done eating lol.

Lucky for me, I chose the teppanyaki seats. :D

When it's nice and clean and unused (:

The other teppanyaki stove, which was used as a place to put his serving plates

Foodie Reviews!

Now I'm no food connoisseur, so I'll just give my two cents on whatever they served (:

First dish up was the sashimi! Fresh and standard-tasting. Nothing too special.

Homemade Pitan Tofu. I think in the original picture the tofu went on top of the sauce, but for this one they just poured the sauce all over it ): But it tasted yummy!

You could have a choice of mixed salad or moyashi itame (fried bean sprouts). We both picked the salad. Quite nice. (:

The Teppan Salmon! Best eaten hot. Nothing special. The egg was nicely cooked though.

You could also choose the Hokkaido Ginkarei (Hokkaido Halibut Fish) if you didn't want to eat salmon. Bad choice IMO. By the time they remembered we had ordered this, it had come to us cold. It might have tasted better hot.

Hokkaido Ikura Chawan Mushi (Steamed Custard Egg with Hokkaido Beni Salmon Roe).
Long name, but worth its name in yummyness (:

Hokkaido Hotate (Hokkaido Scallop). Best eaten hot. Quite well-cooked!

Again, you get a choice here! Either the Teppanyaki Chicken (above) or the Teppanyaki Wagyu Tenderloin Beef (below).

*Amaya's favourite here!* Beef was soft and tender!

The other yummy dish is the Garlic Fried Rice. Fragrant and full of flavour :D

Miso Soup.

Choice of Mocha or Mango Ice-cream. Mocha ice-cream is handmade. Tastes good (:

Overall, I feel that this groupon does give value for money spent (:

Drinks were not included in the groupon, so we had to pay for the hot green tea we ordered. But it was free flow, so quite worth it (:

Unlike my other groupon on crepes. I may blog about it another day when I have the time.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
81 Anson Road
M Hotel Level 9
Singapore 079908
Tel: 6221 3075 or 6500 6121


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Review] Naruko Raw Job's Tears Skincare Range

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

Naruko is an skincare brand that is selling really well at Watsons as well as on their online stores! I am sure it needs no introduction ^^

I bought this set of basic skincare products (3+1 set) from their Taiwan website. The price shown in the link provided is slightly different from the one I got because now they have included an additional freebie product.

But I still got a freebie ((: A sample set of 3 night jellies from Naruko (:

As you can see, the freebie even comes with a description of what is the freebie and instructions on how to use!

I personally find the night gellies really helpful in keeping skin moisturised throughout the night, especially since I sleep in aircon. The absorption rate is also really fast so you don't have to worry about the night gelly drying out on your face and damaging it instead.

What is 'Raw Job's Tears'?

Job's Tears are also known as coix seeds/Chinese pearl barley.The raw/processed product alone is well known for its medicinal healing properties. However, the raw product contains far more anti-oxidants, making it a much better product for the skin/body.

You can also boil this product into a drink as shown in this ingredient review from tastehongkong.com.

Image from kitairu.net.

Product Reviews

Whitening Toner: Leaves a clean feeling, but there was also a drying sensation for the first few days of usage. I feel that it cleans better than my previous toner.

Whitening Lotion: I find this really hard to use xD The lotion couldn't seem to come out properly ): But using it is comfortable, and it removes the drying feeling really quickly.

Whitening Serum: Easy to apply! Removed the redness around my nose area really quickly ^^

Whitening Night Gelly: Again, this is the product I am most satisfied with. I've not used any night gelly before, I find this product really useful. Kinda regret not discovering it earlier!

Overall: I have fair skin to begin with, so I am using these products mainly for maintenance purposes. However, I do find that it does brighten and moisturize my skin better than my previous products. ((:

Envrionmentally friendly product packaging too!

Not only are their products raved about, their packaging is appealing and eco-friendly! Open up the packaging, make a few cuts, and they can become pencil holders and other useful items. (: Written instructions are also included, but I find the pictorial instructions much easier to understand. (:

I would show you how they look like when properly made, but if you saw my DIY angry bird earlier, you would understand that paper craft DIY really isn't my forte. :P

Where to buy?

I find that buying from the Taiwan website directly and using sea shipping is way cheaper than getting it from the online SG store or from physical stores like Watsons, so if you're not in urgent need of their products, you can get them directly from their Taiwan store. The Taiwan site also allows you to add on other products at a discounted price. Moreover, you can order their latest ampm products, some of which are not yet launched in Singapore.

Find out more about Naruko below:
Website (SG)
Website (TW)



Monday, October 22, 2012

[anibee] Game Feature: Harvest Moon series by Marvelous AQL

Recently, one of my favourite game companies released some exciting information: the newest installment to the Harvest Moon series, A New Beginning, is to be released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 6th, 2012 (the North American, ie English version). This is music to my ears!

Image taken from Natsume

So what is this Harvest Moon series? 

As the name suggests, it has to do with farming and harvesting! Usually tying in some form of storyline (your grandfather has left you a farm, or you become bored of city life etc), you get brought to an ailing farm, and not only do you grow crops, you raise animals and get to choose your own marriage partner! Since its first game release in 1997, it has expanded to an impressive 20+ titles all based on this farming concept (and marriage system). Originally created for the Nintendo consoles, it has also released unique games for other consoles such as the Playstation and the Wii. In addition, the newer titles allow you to play as a boy or girl (so now you can go after the cute guy!).

You can change your outfit in The Tale of Two Towns!
Image taken from Natsume

I personally own a few titles (primarily smitten with the cute graphics) and the games get consistently better. Although some actions in the game are highly repetitive (eg. you water crops everyday), they are also highly addictive! There is enough variety in the tasks you can do in each game that can keep you hooked for hours (crops, animals, cooking, fishing, gathering, dating, mountain climbing...).

Milk that cow! Image taken from Natsume

The art gets better, the game play remains about the same except with the addition of touch screen controls for the newer consoles. With the latest game added to this series, the standard marriage system has a new addition: a dating system! Instead of going directly from complete strangers to a few dates to in-love-and-married, you can now declare a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with your favourite bachelors/bachelorettes before seriously considering marriage to one. How cool is that :D

Bring your date around in major festivals! Image taken from here.

To tempt you further, I end off with a picture of the cutest cow ever pre-order goodie if you order directly from the Natsume website (only ships within the US).

Image from nineinchsandwich.

Find out more about Harvest Moon here:
Official Natsume website
Awesome Fansite

You can also view the article and more on anibee's website: http://www.anibee.tv/WhatsBuzzing/Article/10356/game-feature--harvest-moon-series-by-marvelous-aql



Saturday, October 20, 2012

[Event] Exhibition: 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

A couple of weeks ago, I headed down to catch a fashion exhibition! Organized by Japan Creative Centre, the 2nd Sustainable Fashion Design Contest aims to create an opportunity for students from Fashion Schools in Singapore and Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo, Japan to exchange and promote ideas on the growing importance of sustainability and responsible design within the Fashion Industry.

The top 6 winners

More awesomeness!

Sustainability is very much linked to the Japanese philosophy of MONOZUKURI (craftsmanship). The Japanese craftsmanship has a long tradition of producing things that are environmentally friendly, taking into account the fabric characteristics and the environment and made things that last with minimum wastage.

This year, it is combined with Harajuku Fashion and 10 finalists from each country will be exhibiting their garments. The exhibition was held at Japan Creative Centre for a week.

Each clothing exhibit had a board detailing their inspirations from Harajuku as well as their conception, explanation and fabric swatches! It was really cool to see how they recycled clothing, accessories and even garment bags and origami, things you wouldn't think that it could be made into something you can wear!

Shili Law: 1st Prize Winner (Singapore)
Made from a garment bag!! O: I think it's water-proof.

Hirotaka Shintani: 1st Prize Winner (Japan)
Made from three large cotton shirts, and some aluminium rings. I like how the designer even handcrafted a pair of tights to match (:

Benny Low: 2nd Prize Winner (Singapore)
Have some old jeans you can't bear to throw away? Throw in some creativity, some inspiration and you get Harujuku-themed wear :D

Rika Harada: 2nd Prize Winner (Japan)
The particular piece can be worn in 4 different ways! :D As the picture describes, you can get four different looks by just turning the garment around. I really like the colours.

Petrick: 3rd Prize Winner (Singapore)
This looked kinda cool :D
Michelle Syban Karllene: 3rd Prize Winner (Japan)
This one was made from a kimono :D Sorry for the out-of-focus photo ):

They placed the consolation prize winners in a separate room. Let me show you some of my favourites :D

Pretty piece made from Harajuku wear, for pregnant women!

A pretty dress made from Japanese school uniforms!

These garments can be worn in several different ways! Shirt, scarf etc.

Nice fan design.

Voting form!

You even have a voting form, where you can vote for your favourite piece from Japan and Singapore respectively. The winner from each country gets an additional $500, and all voters enter a lucky draw to get free tickets to Japan Couture Night! O:

I really like how the whole exhibition panned out. And that you could take all the pictures you wanted and even touch the clothings :DD (or maybe they didn't catch me >_>)

For the full collection of photos, please check out this FB album here!

Missed it? Find out more about JCC below! Like their page, and never miss another event!
4 Nassim Road S(258372)

JCC looks so pretty (:



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Personal] SNGS Moonlight Party

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

It's a little late to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, but better late than never! SNGS held their Moonilght Party last Saturday, and being an alumnus, it was a great opportunity to check out the new compound, meet up with friends and eat all the comfort food I used to eat back in secondary school.

If anyone wants to go back to SNGS for Orange Bowl Noodles, please ensure that you're in proper clothing (covered shoes, shorts of decent length, no spaghetti shirts etc) and only after 3PM. They only allow visitors after 3PM, and Uncle Pang finishes selling orange bowl by 4PM++, and is gone by 5PM.

I wanted to wear my red cohort T-shirt, but when I dug it out from the recesses of my cupboard, I found this:

Horrid stain ):
So I went in normal clothes. I have not been to the new compound ever since they moved back earlier this year, so it was a great surprise!

School from the slope leading up to the main gates

Welcome sign!

Scenery down the long walk into the school.
 If you were ever late for school, it's a horrendously long run in.

After that long walk in, we finally reached the parade square where all the main happenings were. happening.


XXMM performing!

Live accompaniment!
Banner hand-sewn by alumni.
 And if you thought that was a good crowd, check out the canteen where all the awesome food is being sold!

Of course, most SN girls have to try out the orange bowl, manned by the dear Uncle Pang. They only prepared about 300 bowls that day, and it was completely sold out, noodles, fishballs, soup. Completely.

The queue! Average waiting time: 1 hour.
Guess who ended up with only soup.
 You couldn't buy anything in the canteen using cash. You had to buy the coupons in $5/$10 denominations.

You could also get the awesome booklet that held all the details and floor plans for free :D


The back is fashioned like an old SNGS exercise book cover!

Moonlight Punch. Disappointing.

The cool LED LIGHTS!

Lighting-up ceremony
 The alumni crew hand-crafted lanterns for every single XMM taking their PSLE or O-level examinations.

The star of the show

Mrs Hwang!

I only enrolled into the school after she left, but she's so well-loved by the school that she's of legendary status. xD All around me I found mothers, pregnant women, old girls all going 'she's my school principal! the best role model ever' like she's an idol.

But she has done a lot for this school, and she loves the student body so so much.


Calligraphy by one of our very own teachers (:

Singing accompaniment by the old girls! (:

KooriMo Ice Cream. Tastes like a rich blend of ice-cream & cake.

Did I mention that POKKA was the official drinks sponsor? My favourite brand for green tea (:

Other collaborations included online shop owners who graduated from the same school! Special Moonlight Party discounts, and you could just collect them at Moonlight Party itself!
Antipodean (I found their website really hard to navigate for some reason.)
Pegs & Buttons
Pupsik Studio

This event was organized by SNGS Alumnae Association.