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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[Games] November Games Summary!

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

So here's my summary of games that I've played throughout November. 

It's still school term, so games are of a shorter duration, like hidden object games (HOG). There's enough fun in there to keep you satisfied with breaks from studying (:

I also have my fair share of wrong game choices, so you will see that the time taken is unknown because I gave up on the game halfway xD

On to the games!

Gardenscapes: Mansion Makeover

Played on: HP Games/Wild Tangent 
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): ~3 hours 
YAY! Sequel to the original Gardenscapes, where you find hidden objects in various places in the house to hold yard sales and revive the debilitating garden, this time you find objects to sell, in order to re-furnish the house!

Sister's Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines Premium Edition

Played on: HP Games/Wild Tangent  
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): ~3.5 hours 
The graphics and musical score were good. The plot has its dubious areas (your sister who is crazy gets hauled off and turns out whatever she says is true?). Some backgrounds are a little dark, so it takes a while to find things. But there's very little word play on the same word, so it makes things a little easier too.

The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire

Played on: HP Games/Wild Tangent
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): Never finished
This was so boring. The hidden object segments were pretty easy. The game is easy to understand, but it is super hard to perfect every single level!! I kept having remaining cards and having to repeat levels 4 -5 times just to pass (have < 4 cards remaining). I gave up on the game because it got too repetitive to play in one sitting.

Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger

Played on: Big Fish Games
Time taken to finish game (excluding breaks): 2 hours
The dossier series are a much shorter, easier to play version of the original Nancy Drew games. The title is the second game in the dossier series, the first being Lights, Camera, Curses. Taking on the mystery storyline, the game play involves less moving around the map, and more hidden object and pairing objects together to achieve targets. They do keep the conversations simple, with no redundant topics. Though I prefer the full games, the dossiers are good enough for an hour or two ((:

Like these games? Have a game to recommend? Leave a comment below!

*This is a scheduled post as I am currently having examinations. I will respond to comments/emails as quickly as possible. 



Saturday, November 24, 2012

[anibee] Instrumental Pick of the Month

Hey there! Did you enjoy last month's selection of instrumental pieces? For any anime, an amazing soundtrack to enhance a good plot and well-developed characters is like icing on a cake!

Check out this month's selections, again in no order of merit. If you've watched the anime, see if you can pick up where these songs were played in the background (:

Image from Project Haruhi.

1. Piano UC No.3 (Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, Gundam Unicorn)
Each OST of Gundam Unicorn has a piano track included, of which the piece in the 3rd OST is the most emotional of them all. For maximum tear-jerker effect, watch the original episode where it plays.

Image from emptyblue.

2. Yuku Kaze ni, Omoi Hasete (Produced by Elements Garden, Senki Zesshou Symphogear)
Not only does this anime have famous ani-song powerhouse Mizuki Nana contributing songs, it also has a good instrumental soundtrack! A very short sweet piece, but long enough for you to put down whatever you're doing and listen to what it has to offer.

Image from here.

3. Let the Stars Fall Down (Composed by Yuki Kajiura, fate/zero)
Now a change in tempo! We can't always be having emotional pieces, or we wouldn't be getting any work done :P One of the more popular animes airing its second season this summer, this soundtrack is not to be missed!

Image from fanpop.

4. Sakura's Theme II (Produced by Takayuki Negishi, Cardcaptor Sakura)
Now who doesn't remember this theme song! (Do you hear her voice start playing in your head...!) It plays in almost every single episode of the series, since it plays whenever Sakura uses her magic to save the day!

Image from fanpop.

5. The Merry-go-round of Life (Composed by Joe Hisaishi, Howl's Moving Castle)
The opening track to this best-seller movie, it is a soothing piece takes you away into the dream world of Howl's Moving Castle to enjoy his merry-go-round. There is also a version with lyrics, used as the ending song for the movie titled The Promise of the World: The Merry-go-round of Life.

Hope you've enjoyed this month's selection! Stay tuned for the next one :D

Check out this post and more at my blog: http://amaya-dollonstrings.blogspot.com/



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[Photoshoot] Street Angels!

It is a very busy month for Amaya here! Attended AFA 2012, had the most awesome backstage experience and met a gazillion people, Sanrio's Meet & Greet session to have a Hello Kitty manicure, and also a photoshoot for Street Angels by Noriaki-san!

So what is Street Angels?

It is a project spearheaded by Noriaki Tsuchiya-san, which is a free iPhone app that functions as your phone clock! There is an 'angel' (girl) for every minute of the day, and another angel for every day of the year! In essence, this app will showcase 60mins x 24hrs = 1440photos of different girls/angels (:

My -real- birthday XD

My cheek colour is a bit off. XD Improvements to be made!

I'll have to say that I was quite stiff because it's the first time doing a shoot with someone I just met (the previous time was always with dollonstrings & friends), but I really learnt a lot from Noriaki-san ^^

I also look pretty mature here? Maybe the smile and the hair. Shall make it a point to braid some of it to the back next time XD

Special shoutout to Noriaki-san for being so kind about suggesting locations and his suggestions on the poses (:

Find out more about Street Angels below:


And it is back to the books!

Watch out for my next post on SITEX 2012! Be sure to see lots of cosplay action! Catch me there as anibee's unofficial meido ambassador XD See you :D


P.S. Be sure to check out dollonstring's post on Street Angels as well!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

[Anime][Music] Macross Frontier

A few weeks months back, I finally managed to finish the whole anime series of Macross Frontier and the two movies (The False Songstress & Wings of Goodbye). Introduced to this series by dollonstrings, I was primarily attracted to the music of the show rather than the content itself. But I decided to watch the show after all.

After watching the series, I watched the full lives of the Macross F tours, with the most recent one released in 2010, I think, called cosmic cuune.

I enjoyed their music so much, that I bought two CDs from Yesasia. Check them out below!

Left: cosmic cuune, Right: Universal Bunny

Left: cosmic cuune, Right: Universal Bunny

Overall, I would rate this series a 4/5 (a bit higher because of its catchy music). Not for kids. Moderate fan service content.

Spoilers ahead!

My impressions of the anime?

The characters are very different from what I originally envisioned them to be xD Alto was annoying and it felt like the producers were just utilizing him wherever they could for comic relief. The whole series is a lot more explicit than other song/idol-based animes I've watched, with all the blood and nudity involved.

The movies messed up the timeline of the original anime, I felt. It was so confusing because Michael kept coming back alive when he already died somewhere in the anime series, and he was still alive after the implication that Sheryl & Alto 'died' at the end of the 2nd movie. Okay, they both actually survived, and were reunited according to two sketches in the movie artbook that was later released.The first movie was boring, feeling like a compression of the original anime episodes, just with new songs & new information. Not worth it, in my opinion.

And yes, I was really quite devastated when Michael died in the anime. T.T

Of the albums?

I liked what I got. I heard most of the songs before I got the albums, so I knew that I was getting majority of what I would like to hear. What impressed me most was that there was a winter version of Seikan Hikou called Seikan Eve! It featured Megumi Nakajima and May'n and an awesome harmony!! And it has a better, slightly slower backing track. But no karaoke tracks were included with the two CDs ): But! Some of the karaoke tracks are available in Cash Studio! Only in the rooms with the newer machines (Club Dam G100). The albums are pretty too (: Their other duet in this album, Tablet, sounds good too ^^

For the Universal Bunny album, I personally liked the title track for May'n creative use of her vocals to depict the innocent White Bunny and the sexy Black Bunny. Also, the soothing I Have Become An Angel is my other favourite ^^

Update! When I Cannot Meet You has become my recent favourite from the album. ^^ Also, I might cosplay as Lee Ranka from the series next year ^^



Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Event/Assignment] AFA 2012 Part 2

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

AFA 2012 Part TWO!

This post will have more personal tidbits and bits of conversation I had with everyone backstage. Mostly on Day 3 since on Day 2 I was accompanying Team Thai around, and I was more shy XD Actually everyone is really friendly and you can just talk to them ((:

Have made tiny pacts with people regarding travel, cosplay & some other things. ^^

I will have to say that I have quite a few private photos (& many more private conversations & tidbits) I will keep to myself. To me, meeting so many cosplayers is something I want to share with everyone, but also is a very personal event because I made so many friends ^_^

Check out the pictures after the break ^^

My friend and I (: Thanks for accompanying Team Thai around as well!

Onnies from Thai!

Clive ^^ Unicorn.

New friends I made!

Happy fans ^^

Happy Chris! Met him on Day 2 ^^

Reika's signature ^^

Photo :D Outside the staff said 'no photos' :PP

& everyone else having some fun XD

Pretty Miku!

New friends ^^
With Reika ^^ She's so adorable & friendly
Had a small chat with her when she was resting backstage ^^ Showed us her insoles inside her platform boots O: Amazed at how she could take all that the whole day! She also told me to take my time to talk to her because I was trying to translate in my head what to say to her in Japanese XD

With Emi the organizer ^^

Richie :DDD 

With Team Shikon!
Team Shikon are real friendly once you try to talk to them ^^ They were fanning themselves backstage while I was freezing beside them. I asked them if they were really feeling very hot, and they replied with the number of layers they are actually wearing XDD

Yukari gave out cosphotos instead of coscards (because he ran out of them :P)! So he was writing his Cure number on the back of his photos before giving them out.

 -flips over-

-cue HAZUKASHII moment-

He still asked if I wanted it, or he could write another one for me. But of course I want it XD Next time I meet him I can show it to him and cue hazukashii moment again XD

MIKOTO in the background!
More photo spamming!

With Konnichi! Happy Birthday! 11/11 ((:

Sora from Indo!
Echow from Indo!
And photos with the Malaysia Team!

Normal one! 
Coscards from Day 1 & 2 ((:

Coscards from MMK Booth ((:

Team from Philippines!

Coscards from the TW celebrities ^^
Judy & Akatsuki are very friendly people! So is Mikoto under his deadly Morgana exterior. He loves to talk a lot XD And he is also Kaname's fan ^^ Akatsuki & Judy joked that Mikoto wanted to say 'I love Kaname!' when he gets the microphone, but he never got the chance too XD Akatsuki also said that I seemed to have gone to more places in Taiwan than she had :P I went to many places because of Taiwan Immersion program XD

Kaname! Signature has a kitty ^^

12th November, Monday

Already dying XD But the Thai team wanted to sightsee a bit, and it's really a pity if they just went back without seeing anything, so I accompanied them for a bit.

Aun was also half asleep XD But he woke up upon seeing the man-made river in Marina Bay Sands. XD

Wanted to go the the AKB Cafe today, but it was closed T.T So we visited Otaku House at Plaza Singapura and had lunch there as well.

Took a train to MBS and had a quick stroll round the gardens. The team wanted to spend some money, so we decided to go to Sentosa, but it was raining by the time we reached Harbourfront T.T

Bought tons of chocolate & candy back xD Got a monster hunter gift for Naoki since her birthday was coming up. I got a present too ^^




Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Event/Assignment] AFA 2012 Part 1

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

Hey all! Did you catch the spectacular event happening at Singapore Expo on the 9th, 10th & 11th November? Anime Festival Asia boasts itself to be the biggest, most happening anime, manga & cosplay related event in Singapore! Spanning over 3 days, it features booths, special merchandise, several celebrity guests, concerts & more!

However, I wasn't there to play :P I was working backstage as helper for the Thailand representatives for the Asia Regional Cosplay Championships.

Expect spazzing, random photos & (hopefully) more camwhore photos!

So so so blessed really, for very obvious reasons below. Hint: Had decent conversations with Kaname & Reika & Judy & Mikoto & Tsukasa & Team Shikon & Lunar Asterisk & Clive & Richfield & every other guest including some anisong artistes :D

Check out after the jump for more inside goodies :D:D

Before AFA

Received a missed call from Indonesia and my first reaction was 'spam call?' Went on to enter the number in Google and saw that it was a legit office number (Sorry Emi :P). I missed the second call she made because my phone decided that where I sat was a sudden halo of no reception. ._. But yay I got the call safely, had some briefing details and got all excited at 9PM at night LOL.

Got notice that I was taking care of the Thailand representatives! Naoki & Aun. I was told that only Naoki could speak English, which sent me into a communication fluster >< I want to be friends with everyone T.T

Baked/cooked them some little surprises :D

9th November, Friday

7AM: Prepared to make my way to airport to say hi to the Thai team!

8AM: Received notification that Naoki's flight changed OAO Went into a frenzy trying to contact all the possible personnel involved ><

9AM: Contacted :D Yay all happy now. -proceeds to making her daruma egg army-

Daruma egg army! In the making. 
12PM++: Study time! They changed flight and supposed to land in the afternoon, so I can't go to say hi to them ): Shall make do by studying super hard!!

3PM++: Made way to the supermarket to get more ingredients and to the venue! Had to sidetrack to buy panadol because I forgot to bring paracetamol from home. >_>
Sneak peak for Thai team!

My tag!

Phil team rehearsal

6PM: Rehearsals under way! Managed to talk to most of the competitors ((: Talked to Clive and Richfield as well, and received coscards yay! Some of us were kinda sad when we found out our passes were not backstage passes (cannot see Kaname or Reika except across the judging table T.T). I think some people tried to enter the TMR concert using the pass, but I am not sure of their success xDD

10PM: Rehearsal ended an hour early (supposed to be 11PM) because the Japan team was stuck in customs ): I hope they managed to get to their hotel safely. Naoki and Aun still had so much energy! They wanted to go for a night walk O: The pubs were nowhere near Expo though, so I couldn't recommend them anything. Will be seeing them tomorrow at 11am! :D

... My news feed is getting more and more multilingual, and in languages I can't really understand xD

And actually, all of them understand English to a certain extent. XD Met Clive & Richfield ^^

10th November, Saturday

12AM: Still up blogging xD

Woke up early to finish up my sister's cosplay. Hurriedly did my hair (was wonky the whole day without me realising it T.T) Met up with Naoki and team to buy their SIM cards and to walk around the venue! Naoki was so cute today that she formed the photographer wall even though she wasn't in cosplay!

The SAO booth & Cospa booth had horrific queues!! Everything in SAO booth was cleared out other than the display items.

Dolls :D

More props!

Interesting packaging for contact lens!

Anime Karaoke Booth

SAO ^^

Saw Kaname & Reika backstage so many times :DD Was within earshot of artistes like FLOW, fripside and Sea*A XD

The judging panel for the singles RCC competition

The big screen is awesome.

Judges for RCC Singles & all 30 contestants!

Reika graciously taking photos and signings for her fans!
Secret mini mission accomplished at Culture Japan booth today!

Today's foodie item:

11th November, Sunday

So blessed today! Finally got to talk to cosplayers for a bit today.

I'm not one to idolize cosplayers. Seriously, I would rather be their friend. I want to get to know them as a cosplayer and beyond cosplay. I really cannot fangirl over anybody xD I'm a very bad fan, but am a very good friend :D I found it really really fun to get to know more about Raistlin, Aya, Reika, Kaname, Naoki, Aun, Richfield, Yukari, Kaito and so many more, and to know about other cosplayers as friends rather than idols. I really enjoy being friends.

First person I talked to today was Raistlin. I was so bored at the venue because I received late notification that the photoshoot was at the hotel and not at Expo T.T So I went up to some cosplayers talking to each other and found out he was Raistlin. And that was also how he found out he was at the wrong place too xD

Met Reika who was in a bit of a cosplay mishap. Then fans coming in in droves. -siam-

Finished my food real early today, hungry cosplayers are hungry. XD

Went to MMK Cafe today since we both had quite a bit of free time. Managed to have a good chat about what we do in real life, university, Japan, some future plans and getting to know other cosplayers. ((: Was served by Chizu/Camille! Turned out the MMK maids stayed in the same hotel as the contestants :P (Partayy!)

Went off to fetch the Thai team. They're cosplaying Leonil & Maria from Knights in the Nightmare (PSP).

The mess while trying to set up everything

Important wig was styled the night before!

Monster prop.

Looking a bit neater now...
My special viewing gallery! M'sia team.

SG team!

Team Shikon's skit (:

OH NO ):



Kaname enjoying his pose :D

A very excited Reika! ^^



Candid photo after the competition XD
Raistlin & Aya were such great help!! And to the translator friend too, for offering to be one xD He was also a 'seiyuu' for the SG audio for the competition earlier today :D

Since this post is turning out to be really really long, I shall split it into 2 parts! The second part will be more personal, including interactions with many people and the photos I took with them ^^

Check out Thailand's representatives below!

Naoki's FB       Naoki's Twitter     Naoki's WCN      Naoki's DA    Naoki's Curecos