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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[Event/Assignment] AFA 2012 Part 1

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

Hey all! Did you catch the spectacular event happening at Singapore Expo on the 9th, 10th & 11th November? Anime Festival Asia boasts itself to be the biggest, most happening anime, manga & cosplay related event in Singapore! Spanning over 3 days, it features booths, special merchandise, several celebrity guests, concerts & more!

However, I wasn't there to play :P I was working backstage as helper for the Thailand representatives for the Asia Regional Cosplay Championships.

Expect spazzing, random photos & (hopefully) more camwhore photos!

So so so blessed really, for very obvious reasons below. Hint: Had decent conversations with Kaname & Reika & Judy & Mikoto & Tsukasa & Team Shikon & Lunar Asterisk & Clive & Richfield & every other guest including some anisong artistes :D

Check out after the jump for more inside goodies :D:D

Before AFA

Received a missed call from Indonesia and my first reaction was 'spam call?' Went on to enter the number in Google and saw that it was a legit office number (Sorry Emi :P). I missed the second call she made because my phone decided that where I sat was a sudden halo of no reception. ._. But yay I got the call safely, had some briefing details and got all excited at 9PM at night LOL.

Got notice that I was taking care of the Thailand representatives! Naoki & Aun. I was told that only Naoki could speak English, which sent me into a communication fluster >< I want to be friends with everyone T.T

Baked/cooked them some little surprises :D

9th November, Friday

7AM: Prepared to make my way to airport to say hi to the Thai team!

8AM: Received notification that Naoki's flight changed OAO Went into a frenzy trying to contact all the possible personnel involved ><

9AM: Contacted :D Yay all happy now. -proceeds to making her daruma egg army-

Daruma egg army! In the making. 
12PM++: Study time! They changed flight and supposed to land in the afternoon, so I can't go to say hi to them ): Shall make do by studying super hard!!

3PM++: Made way to the supermarket to get more ingredients and to the venue! Had to sidetrack to buy panadol because I forgot to bring paracetamol from home. >_>
Sneak peak for Thai team!

My tag!

Phil team rehearsal

6PM: Rehearsals under way! Managed to talk to most of the competitors ((: Talked to Clive and Richfield as well, and received coscards yay! Some of us were kinda sad when we found out our passes were not backstage passes (cannot see Kaname or Reika except across the judging table T.T). I think some people tried to enter the TMR concert using the pass, but I am not sure of their success xDD

10PM: Rehearsal ended an hour early (supposed to be 11PM) because the Japan team was stuck in customs ): I hope they managed to get to their hotel safely. Naoki and Aun still had so much energy! They wanted to go for a night walk O: The pubs were nowhere near Expo though, so I couldn't recommend them anything. Will be seeing them tomorrow at 11am! :D

... My news feed is getting more and more multilingual, and in languages I can't really understand xD

And actually, all of them understand English to a certain extent. XD Met Clive & Richfield ^^

10th November, Saturday

12AM: Still up blogging xD

Woke up early to finish up my sister's cosplay. Hurriedly did my hair (was wonky the whole day without me realising it T.T) Met up with Naoki and team to buy their SIM cards and to walk around the venue! Naoki was so cute today that she formed the photographer wall even though she wasn't in cosplay!

The SAO booth & Cospa booth had horrific queues!! Everything in SAO booth was cleared out other than the display items.

Dolls :D

More props!

Interesting packaging for contact lens!

Anime Karaoke Booth

SAO ^^

Saw Kaname & Reika backstage so many times :DD Was within earshot of artistes like FLOW, fripside and Sea*A XD

The judging panel for the singles RCC competition

The big screen is awesome.

Judges for RCC Singles & all 30 contestants!

Reika graciously taking photos and signings for her fans!
Secret mini mission accomplished at Culture Japan booth today!

Today's foodie item:

11th November, Sunday

So blessed today! Finally got to talk to cosplayers for a bit today.

I'm not one to idolize cosplayers. Seriously, I would rather be their friend. I want to get to know them as a cosplayer and beyond cosplay. I really cannot fangirl over anybody xD I'm a very bad fan, but am a very good friend :D I found it really really fun to get to know more about Raistlin, Aya, Reika, Kaname, Naoki, Aun, Richfield, Yukari, Kaito and so many more, and to know about other cosplayers as friends rather than idols. I really enjoy being friends.

First person I talked to today was Raistlin. I was so bored at the venue because I received late notification that the photoshoot was at the hotel and not at Expo T.T So I went up to some cosplayers talking to each other and found out he was Raistlin. And that was also how he found out he was at the wrong place too xD

Met Reika who was in a bit of a cosplay mishap. Then fans coming in in droves. -siam-

Finished my food real early today, hungry cosplayers are hungry. XD

Went to MMK Cafe today since we both had quite a bit of free time. Managed to have a good chat about what we do in real life, university, Japan, some future plans and getting to know other cosplayers. ((: Was served by Chizu/Camille! Turned out the MMK maids stayed in the same hotel as the contestants :P (Partayy!)

Went off to fetch the Thai team. They're cosplaying Leonil & Maria from Knights in the Nightmare (PSP).

The mess while trying to set up everything

Important wig was styled the night before!

Monster prop.

Looking a bit neater now...
My special viewing gallery! M'sia team.

SG team!

Team Shikon's skit (:

OH NO ):



Kaname enjoying his pose :D

A very excited Reika! ^^



Candid photo after the competition XD
Raistlin & Aya were such great help!! And to the translator friend too, for offering to be one xD He was also a 'seiyuu' for the SG audio for the competition earlier today :D

Since this post is turning out to be really really long, I shall split it into 2 parts! The second part will be more personal, including interactions with many people and the photos I took with them ^^

Check out Thailand's representatives below!

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