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Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Event/Assignment] AFA 2012 Part 2

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

AFA 2012 Part TWO!

This post will have more personal tidbits and bits of conversation I had with everyone backstage. Mostly on Day 3 since on Day 2 I was accompanying Team Thai around, and I was more shy XD Actually everyone is really friendly and you can just talk to them ((:

Have made tiny pacts with people regarding travel, cosplay & some other things. ^^

I will have to say that I have quite a few private photos (& many more private conversations & tidbits) I will keep to myself. To me, meeting so many cosplayers is something I want to share with everyone, but also is a very personal event because I made so many friends ^_^

Check out the pictures after the break ^^

My friend and I (: Thanks for accompanying Team Thai around as well!

Onnies from Thai!

Clive ^^ Unicorn.

New friends I made!

Happy fans ^^

Happy Chris! Met him on Day 2 ^^

Reika's signature ^^

Photo :D Outside the staff said 'no photos' :PP

& everyone else having some fun XD

Pretty Miku!

New friends ^^
With Reika ^^ She's so adorable & friendly
Had a small chat with her when she was resting backstage ^^ Showed us her insoles inside her platform boots O: Amazed at how she could take all that the whole day! She also told me to take my time to talk to her because I was trying to translate in my head what to say to her in Japanese XD

With Emi the organizer ^^

Richie :DDD 

With Team Shikon!
Team Shikon are real friendly once you try to talk to them ^^ They were fanning themselves backstage while I was freezing beside them. I asked them if they were really feeling very hot, and they replied with the number of layers they are actually wearing XDD

Yukari gave out cosphotos instead of coscards (because he ran out of them :P)! So he was writing his Cure number on the back of his photos before giving them out.

 -flips over-

-cue HAZUKASHII moment-

He still asked if I wanted it, or he could write another one for me. But of course I want it XD Next time I meet him I can show it to him and cue hazukashii moment again XD

MIKOTO in the background!
More photo spamming!

With Konnichi! Happy Birthday! 11/11 ((:

Sora from Indo!
Echow from Indo!
And photos with the Malaysia Team!

Normal one! 
Coscards from Day 1 & 2 ((:

Coscards from MMK Booth ((:

Team from Philippines!

Coscards from the TW celebrities ^^
Judy & Akatsuki are very friendly people! So is Mikoto under his deadly Morgana exterior. He loves to talk a lot XD And he is also Kaname's fan ^^ Akatsuki & Judy joked that Mikoto wanted to say 'I love Kaname!' when he gets the microphone, but he never got the chance too XD Akatsuki also said that I seemed to have gone to more places in Taiwan than she had :P I went to many places because of Taiwan Immersion program XD

Kaname! Signature has a kitty ^^

12th November, Monday

Already dying XD But the Thai team wanted to sightsee a bit, and it's really a pity if they just went back without seeing anything, so I accompanied them for a bit.

Aun was also half asleep XD But he woke up upon seeing the man-made river in Marina Bay Sands. XD

Wanted to go the the AKB Cafe today, but it was closed T.T So we visited Otaku House at Plaza Singapura and had lunch there as well.

Took a train to MBS and had a quick stroll round the gardens. The team wanted to spend some money, so we decided to go to Sentosa, but it was raining by the time we reached Harbourfront T.T

Bought tons of chocolate & candy back xD Got a monster hunter gift for Naoki since her birthday was coming up. I got a present too ^^