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Saturday, December 01, 2012

[Event/Assignment] SITEX 2012

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own and does not represent the opinions of any parties/companies mentioned.

anibee was having a booth at SITEX 2012, and so Nicholas and I were employed to help out again \o/ Just doing a quick post during exam period. 2 exam papers are down, and 3 left to go!

I was employed for all 4 days as a promoter, which meant I only needed to dress up, which was easier than the cosplayers I suppose, since I didn't have to wear a wig XD I had two meido costumes which I could rotate over 4 days. They didn't belong to me, but I washed them everyday. Clean me.

On a side note, my Halloween-themed meido outfit is almost here! Chose a red-black wig to go along with it ((: Feels more unique compared to the usual meido outfits found here. I hope to be able to wear it for an event soon (:

Yeah that's me. In meido. 

I had 4 different hairstyles, one for each day \o/  Still working on those poses. I was in this outfit on Friday and on Sunday.

Kamelot ^^


Elkanah as Sanji.

Tiger & Bunny!! By Section 8
Tiger and Bunny were very very popular. Especially with the Singtel cheerleaders.

Serene, the anibee ambassador also graced the booth on Saturday! Didn't catch a picture with her or with Yuu either ):

Uploading this from Halim because it's the only one with Yuu and I together.

Obtained coscards!

I also had my pictures taken by random passerbys and cosplay photographers! Felt like a temporary promotion. XD

I like the twinkles in my eye.
Photo by JP_Capture

I have no idea where the rest are until someone who recognises me tags me in the photo.

Met a friend again from AFA (:
dollonstrings came down to visit and get a harddrive (: Check out her post here: http://amaya-dollonstrings.blogspot.sg/2012/11/it-fair.html

Look out for me during EOY! I will be volunteering at the EOY Quest booth ((: I will be in Lolita if the schedule and workload allows for it ^_^

And toodles!

On another side note, I wanted to write a review on the shoes I bought from Taobao, but they got scuffed and now they do not look as pretty as they came. ): FYI, the brand is an*tai*na, a reliable brand for lolita shoewear. ^_^

Check out the photos by anibee here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.470142959698033.100444.161142763931389&type=3

Check out SITEX coverage by fellow anibee writers, one by Q and the other by Serene!



dollonstrings Saturday, December 01, 2012  

A good call to wash it. The sweat from the previous person who wore them must still remain. I'm pretty sure you'll be allowed to wear Lolita if there is no uniform. I myself will have to be in one of my most flamboyant outfits from 1pm. Your coord is a very wearable, non-eventish style so I'm sure it will be.okay and I really want to see you wear it. n__n