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Saturday, December 22, 2012

[Personal] Trip to Legoland!

Good morning!

So dollonstrings and I had signed up for a Groupon to travel to Legoland and other places quite some time ago, but we only had time to go for it now XD The meetup timing was 7am at Newton Hawker Centre carpark. Initially they wrote 6.30am on the receipt, and we were cracking our heads over how to get to Newton cheaply. But 7am is perfectly fine (:

Photos taken using Canon IXUS 220 H (with a wonky lens!). Photo spam ahead!


Didn't have a decent shot of myself, so this one by dollonstrings!

Kateyo Hitman Reborn (KHR) Shirt from AFA 2012. I love that event so so much. <3 No make for today too!

Chocolate Boutique

Large info boards!

Beautiful packages to bring home!

Ship made of Legos! A hint to our next destination?

Rows of chocolate!

I really think that putting the chocolate boutique at the very start of the day is quite silly. Who will carry loads of chocolate to a place with absolutely no shelter? Everything will melt O.o I never really fancied fruit in my chocolate either =\


We reached at about 10.30 in the morning, and had to leave by 3.45pm, so we had about 5 hours in there! To me, it was pretty sufficient since I did not want to try out most of the kiddy/scary rides XD

The very long walk in!

And there was a Christmas tree that you would see when you walked in! Since the Legoland was sponsored by Canon, there were people carrying Canon DSLRs around, you could get your photo taken for a fee.
Interesting signboards!
Some of these are electronic, so they can move at certain intervals! Voiced.

Part of this interactive game where you compete to put out a fire!
-more screaming-

Spot us!
We sat this interesting ride where you would just sit and ride all the way to the top and back down again. It gave us a bird's eye view of the whole park! Some pictures taken from the top:

After that, dollonstrings wanted to try this silly ride, so we queued for another 30 minutes for this one! In this, you're basically given a short amount of time to pull yourself up to the top, come back down, and pull yourself up again.

Before the ride started -all calm-

-harder than it looks-

FYI, she never made it to the top.
After that, all better.
Dragons learning how to aim.

 The castle here was the queue leading into the largest rollercoaster they had.

We ate at Market Restaurant, which had the best prices for the amount of food, I felt. It had an IKEA style of ordering, just take what you want and pay at the cashier XD  The above set of chicken, soup and drink was RM 24. Outside at the cafes, snacks like cocktail sausages were selling for RM 15 D:


The biggest attraction of  Legoland! Everything built from Lego blocks, with a ratio of 1:20. I have too many pictures from this >< So I've picked a few and made it into a collage using Picasa. ^^ Click on it for a bigger view!

How many landmarks can you recognise?

Singapore! A hotel!
Mini Kuala Lumpur!
It really is a fun place to go around with kids and friends, but the rides had horribly long queues (weekend maybe?) with 30-45 minutes wait for every ride! The Dragon rollercoaster had a 95 minute wait! Thankfully, I am not a fan of rollercoasters XD The ticket price was RM 140 for an adult, so it is pretty pricey ><

AEON City Shopping Centre

My dad told me that I have been to this shopping centre. Turns out I really have, and many many times, so I was not too keen on taking photos XD Check out dollonstrings's post for photos of AEON City SHopping Centre instead XD I did walk into Harris (the MY version of POPULAR) and bought the remaining books of a supernatural mystery series I was interested in. :D It's a Japanese novel translated into Chinese, and has pretty cover art.

Pretty Christmas decor!

I think this was the only decent selca I had XD
Not too many pictures this time, because my camera lens is wonky and half the pictures will turn out blur ): Looking forward to saving enough money for a Canon Powershot! In the meantime, I will be exploring the park near my house, and the nearby housing estates for nice photoshoot locations! Will have some posts on them soon ^^