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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[anibee] Dolly Wink Cosmetics Review

Although this post was sponsored by anibee, it does not affect the integrity of my work. In addition, much thanks to anibee for this opportunity to review the products!

Tsubasa Masuwaka graces all her products (:
Japanese cosmetics are the rage nowadays, especially false eyelashes from Dolly Wink, created by famous gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka! But today, on behalf of anibee, I will be reviewing the eyeliner and the cream eye shadow in #01 Gold Nudy Glamourous.

The eyeliner I received was not the really cutesy packaging with the ribbon and the dots, but it has an improved formula by Tsubasa Masuwaka. I do not have the original one to compare with, but for this eyeliner, the brush is really fine and glides really easily! It dries quickly, and is removable with warm water.

Checking some prior reviews done, it seems that after some time, the eyeliner may lose its original opaque quality, but a little shaking of the eyeliner pen will restore it. (: This happens to my K-Palette eyeliner as well, but only after a really long time XD

The box came a little damaged ):

The cream eye shadow is really glittery! The product payoff is very generous. You can either use it alone (like the instructions) or as a primer for your eye shadow. You just need a tiny bit, too much is too glittery and takes too long to set. If it is still too shimmery for you, don't waste it! You can still use it as body shimmer or for highlights.

Comparison: really glittery XD
On the down side though, the DW cream eye shadow tends to come off a bit gritty upon first application. I got that smooth line only after blending, but my usual just comes on smooth. Personally, I am more satisfied with their eye shadow palettes than their cream eye shadow. Too shimmery for me XD

The instructions come with recommending their eye shadow products too.

For the cream eye shadow, it is also available in #02 Rainbow Crystal, filled with white glitter and purple and green specks.
Both products (:

Dolly Wink cosmetics are available at any nearby Watsons or Sasa (: Their stocks are running out fast due to Christmas sales, so be sure to grab them while you still can at cheap(er) prices!

Recently, anibee has been on a roll with cosmetics! Check out our ambassador's review/makeover with K-Palette products here: http://www.anibee.tv/WhatsBuzzing/Article/10437/serene-reviews--k-palette-s-cosmetics-

Find out more about Dolly Wink from the links below:
Dolly Wink FB (Japanese)
Shibuya Gals SG

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Check this out and more over at http://anibee.tv/

All photos were taken with a Canon IXUS 220 H. Edits with Picasa.



Saturday, January 26, 2013

[Games] Dark Parables The Red Riding Hood Sisters

There is not much time left for playing when the school term has started, but I would like to write about this Hidden Object game (HOG) that I was playing just before school started.

The opening screen. Image from Softpedia
What I liked about the plots was that they took their own twists to the conventional fairy tales. Dark Parables already has several titles released, namely:

  • Curse of the Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
  • The Exiled Prince (The Frog Prince)
  • Rise of the Snow Queen (Snow Queen)
  • The Red Riding Hood Sisters (Red Riding Hood)

The games included some bonus game play as well, either shedding more light on the back story, or hints for the next game or based on another fairy tale.

From the picture I posted about, you can tell that the one I played was the latest one, The Red Riding Hood Sisters. In the game, centuries ago, the first Red Riding Hood, after being saved from the wolf by a hunter, established what came to be known as the Order of Red Riding Hood Sisters. But now, the nefarious Wolf Queen has entrapped the sisters and plans to unleash legions of ravaging Mist Wolves onto our world by fixing it so that it is always the night of the Full moon. The player must assist the Red Riding Hood Sisters to put an end to the queens evil plan. [Taken from Wikipedia.com]

The game has 3 modes you can choose from: Casual, Normal & Hard.

It was quite cool that at the end, the Wolf Queen is actually one of the Sisters who had succumbed to the Wolf Talisman and became evil, and the remaining (evil) Mist Wolves were trained to work with the Sisters instead.

FYI, she becomes the new head of the Order. Image from Softpedia.
The artwork is really quite pretty as well.

With regards to game play, the game is quite unique in that you don't have words to find objects. Rather, you find broken parts of objects that will make up to form one, which will help you in the game. The game also includes several mini games.

I took about 3 days to finish it because I only played for about an hour each time. I found it really fun ^.^ The credits also showed that the next game would be on Cinderella, kinda cool in my opinion.

Hope you will give this game a try too when you have the time!

Signing off,


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[anibee] Ani-Music: Yuya Matsushita

Does this guy remind you of anyone?

Okay, his name is actually really obvious. Image from MiniTokyo

Introducing to you, musical actor of Sebastian Michaelis: Yuya Matsushita!

Yuya Matsushita is an upcoming R&B and Hip Hop singer who has contributed several songs to the anisong scene! His debut song foolish foolish was produced by Jin Nakamura, who has also worked with other artistes such as Yuna Ito (singer for TRAPNEST in movie NANA), JUJU and Koda Kumi. His first break in the anisong scene however, came from contributing Trust Me as the first ending theme song to Durarara!! anime, his 4th single in 2010. His 6th single, Bird, was also selected as the first ending theme song for the Kuroshitsuji II anime.

Yuya in PaTi PaTi 07/2012. Image from Tumblr

Not only has he contributed songs, he has immersed himself completely as Sebastian Michaelis in the Kuroshitsuji musicals! You have to watch the musicals because he looks so much better there than in the magazine scans XD Acting alongside him as Ciel is Sakamoto Shougo, who was also Ryoma Echizen in the Prince of Tennis musicals.

Album Art U& Me. Image from Livejournal
He was also the Guest of Honor for MusicFest at FanimeCon in 2011 where he performed for the first time overseas to a crowd of 4000 fans, where he even included a special message for his fans. Not to mention that he was only 21 when he performed overseas. How many of us are that accomplished at 21. -sigh-

For all you Dream High fans out there, he has also starred in the Japanese adaptation musical of Dream High as Song Sam-Dong, a country bumpkin who went to the city to pursue his love for music.

Yuya, the blonde one. Image from Tumblr
To start of the new year, he will be going on tour to perform at 18 different locations in Japan, less than 6 months after his previous sold-out tour! Good-looking and multi-talented! Are you looking forward to more of his releases now?

Album Art Paradise. Image from Tumblr.

Find out more about him below!
Official Website

Check out this post and more at http://anibee.tv!

Signing off,


Saturday, January 19, 2013

[Review] SUKI kiss and admire Lip Colour Palette

I have gotten some cosmetics from Taiwan some time ago, but did not get down to reviewing them, so here I am! :P Today I'm reviewing the lip palette from SUKI (吻色˙羨慕唇彩盤).

SUKI is a popular Taiwan cosmetics brand that is cheap and affordable! I think what is cool about them is that most of their products are released with a theme, and always comes with helpful lookbooks! FYI, Singapore duo BY2 endorses the brand too ^.^

From Official FB

I really adore the cute packaging :D It comes in a pocket-sized compact, containing 6 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss! Each lipstick is pretty small, about the length of a thumb.

bling bling!

How the shades look like under normal light:

Under sunlight:

Under flash:

(I look like I have 3 different skin colours #fail )

To be very honest, the last three only seem to add shimmer, even after lip concealer. The top three has a bit more colour when applied. The accompanying gloss is very shimmery, and has a nice menthol smell to it.

The lipsticks are really creamy, so I find that using a lip brush to apply the shades brings out more colour. Also, the lip sticks tend to break really easily partly due to the small amount. At the same time, it is more hygienic to use a brush.

When I bought this, it was buy-2-get-1-free, so each set cost me about $9~$10. Quite worth it in my opinion.

Since there have no local stocks, there is also a need to overcome the language barrier (for some). Also, they no longer stock this product, but they do sell many other cute products, so do check them out!

I bought a concealer and a foundation from SUKI too, and will review them in due time ^.^

Find out more about SUKI below:

Signing off,


Thursday, January 17, 2013

OOTD [Star Night Theatre] +rambly ramble

I'll be doing a very casual photoshoot with Maa-tan tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited for that! Please look forward to our photographs. *bows*

ramble about virus, and clothes under the cut.

Been really stressed with all the projects and test to study for. >_> My eczema has been acting up, so I've been wearing nothing but jeans and long sleeves recently..
Before the stress started piling up, I went to meet my friend ZT for dessert at Medz! Wore my new SNT skirt. <3 it's been a wishlist item since I started lolita 3 years ago, so I'm pretty excited to get it in my favourite colour. I have the replica in red that I bought cheap from a friend, but nothing beats owning the real thing. ^^ The cutsew I'm wearing is the Apple Princess cutsew by AatP, which I bought from ZT last year. Maa-tan wore it last year with my wonder cookie SK and it fit her much better because her arms are just the right length.
                                            Look how cute she is!

I had a crepe with strawberries and chocolate sauce. The strawberries were fresh and tart. I actually don't like my strawberries sweet. =X
And ZT had a tiramisu that was light, fluffy, yummy and yummy.

Medz is half-price for students on weekdays 2-5pm except for beverages, so my crepe was only $3.50. <3 ZT's tiramisu was $3.45. =D

My laptop died because a malware hit it. it's the Win2011 virus.. pretty horrible. Had to reformat everything.. and my lappy isn't back yet. I'm not sure why the Acer people need 7 days to reformat a laptop!   Serves me right for not using good anti-virus software, I guess.

I lost most of the legoland photos and class outing photos. I feel pretty bummed out about it. >_>

while my teacher digressed a lot talking about non-related things in class, I doodled some dresses on my notes. These are outfits I'd totally wear if they existed IRL. >_> I might try sewing them myself if I improve.
When I take notes the first time, my handwriting is always haphazard!
Last week I got so bored taking notes that I tried to do it with my left hand, since I figured he'd be teaching as slowly as was normal, but he went pretty fast for that topic, so I gave up. XD


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Taobao] Fake or real? My Beauty Diary Masks

Quite some time ago, while I was browsing through Taobao for some masks, I came across this:

As we all know, My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记 is a famous Taiwan brand for their masks. But this was selling for a much cheaper price than even the official website itself! So is this a fake brand?

Well, not really.

我的美丽日记 is a brand name legally registered in China by company Han Miao. It has stocks on shelves in other countries in Hong Kong, but is not sold here. Apparently, Han Miao registered this 我的美丽日记 trade mark before the Taiwan company could, so in China, it is marketed as 我的美丽日志 (difference of one word) instead.

You can see the Han Miao trademark at the back of the mask packaging.
But as a person who has taken EL3256 Language and the Workplace, we all know that this naming isn't coincidental. What does Han Miao stand to gain by associating their masks with the famous Taiwan My Beauty Diary? Will we start thinking that their masks might have the same quality? Is the coincidental branding in the first place, intentional?

Price for Quality

The masks are not as good as the actual My Beauty Diary ones. Although serum is generous and the mask fits well, it tends to drip and leave a sticky feeling behind, so I always wash my face after. I would rate the masks 3.5/5, considering it is cheaper and works relatively well. If you really want to get the original My Beauty Diary from China, look out for 我的美丽日志. They are still slightly cheaper than Singapore prices. Even then, you still have to beware of the 'real' fakes being sold online. Check out the articles written by Sunnanz and Rinny's Beauty Diary for more information (:

Also, you can check if each piece of your masks are of different serial numbers. Unless the masks are of the same type and came from the same box, all your masks should have different serial numbers. Will have a picture up illustrating that soon!

Hope this will help you on your Taobao adventures!

Signing off,


Saturday, January 12, 2013


One of the best opportunities that I had in 2012 was to be an ALO for Esplanade's Baybeats Festival. To celebrate their tenth anniversary, they not only had newbies but also invited several more veteran bands back to perform! In addition, they brought in bands from overseas, like Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan!

I was very impressed by the quality of the bands for the 3 nights, but one band that seriously stunned me was START OF THE DAY from Japan!

Image from Official Website.

START OF THE DAY is a female-fronted Japanese emo rock band that was conceived in 2002. Growing up in the 90’s to the sounds of Scandinavian, American and especially Swedish emo rock made a profound impact on members Yuya Tanami (vocals/guitar), Atsuko Watanabe (vocals/keyboard), Tatsuya Tanami (guitar), and Takamitsu Hiruma (drums). Employing spatial and emotional guitar hooks, soaring vocals, and tight drums, their music is likened to “watching an emotionally-driven cinema”. [Taken from Baybeats.com]

Listening to them is a bit like listening to Jay Chou: you cannot fully make out the lyrics until you read them. But in START OF THE DAY's case, the backing track+Atsuko's voice = pure awesomeness. I always figure out the lyrics much much later.

Initially, I had an okay impression of them because I only had time to listen to this one song.

I only met them in person when they came for their sound check which sounded really good, and made me look forward to their performance later that night. Hearing them live is really very different from their CD. Not that they sound worse, but their charisma and power live is that much more powerful. ^^ They even included a purely instrumental track, my favourite track of the night but sadly was not included in the album they sold that night ): Still, check it out on Youtube (and their whole set list for that night)!

I was so impressed that I went to the booth to buy their album. The top 3 songs I liked from this album were If (the harmonies were beautiful), One Long-lasting Belief (tribute for the Japan earthquake) and The Best Mistake. I got a complimentary shirt too when I sent them off at their hotel. ^^v The shirt is super comfortable! I wear it very very often just because it is so comfortable XD

The members themselves are very friendly people! We tried hard to communicate with English XD Thank goodness they had Adam with them to be a translator. 日本語をもっと勉強しましょう!

They even had a tour to celebrate the release of their new EP The Baton! Touring more than 10 locations in 2012, they will end with one final stop in 2013!

Someone just sponsor me a trip to Japan. Pretty please?

If you are/will be in Japan at that time, do catch them (: If you're stuck in Singapore (like me), give their album a listen!

Before Baybeats, I listened to very little rock, much less emo rock. For the bands that were performing at the Outdoor Theatre, they were rock-ish within my tolerance levels XD Now I'm even okay with certain songs from One Ok Rock, Luna Sea etc.

Find out more about them below:

In general, I am also very impressed by the quality of the equipment, sound & lighting staff that Esplanade has, and the musicianship of all the artistes. It really made the performances that much better.

In addition, it made me reflect on myself. To be truly chorally competent, what levels of musicianship would I need to strive for?

Love. Integrity. Excellence.



Wednesday, January 09, 2013

[Personal] Photos on a Walk

Recently, if you have been paying attention to my statuses, you would know that I have started to exercise a bit more! XD Everyday, when I take the LRT back home, I would have a pretty nice preview of the Punggol Waterway (along with all the construction).

So I finally got down to exercising! While I am jogging, I get to scope out what pretty places there are, and then I do walks to take photos and exercise more leisurely. Though I wonder if I should count it as exercise when I am stopping so many times XD

The entrance!

For the entrance, you can take the MRT all the way to Damai LRT, walk a bit and you will reach it! You can also access from two other areas, from the Adventure Bridge and Punggol Walk Road.

Kelong Bridge
This bridge leads up to a heritage trail. Haven't gone there to see yet, but saw many cyclists on the road.

View from the Kelong Bridge
Zoomed in shot. There are many benches in the area too.

Plentiful rest areas

Lovely sun reflection!

Another rest station. :D

Spotted a sand pit. I have no idea what it is doing there for.

Then came the waterfalls!

I was so impressed okay. I think this will be my main motivation to jog all the way to this wall which is about 1 km away from the starting point. XD

The whole heartwave wall! 
The waterworks! Pardon the construction in the background.

You can actually venture inwards to touch the water. Still, it's always good to be cautious and not alone.

A free platform! There's another one, but it's barricaded for now. Looks good as a stage for a cosplay shoot XD

Nicely positioned rocks.

For the full set of photos, you can view them on FB here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.521922841173478.122058.470622852970144&type=1

There are many places I have yet to explore inside Punggol Park itself, including Punggol Beach and the wetlands! Can't wait to go for them all ^^ And apparently the Heartwave Wall lights up at night, so I'm definitely going back at night just to catch it XD Most photos, more posts!

Do comment if you have any questions, or comments about my photos! I'm not even amateur, just a point-and-shoot photographer. I welcome tips in any case, pretty places need pretty pictures ^.^

P.S. Do like my page if you haven't, pretty please? (: #shamelessadvertising I will definitely be going back for more photos and a possible photo shoot, so liking my page will keep you updated :P

Signing off,


Saturday, January 05, 2013

My Guide to Selling Lolita Clothes on the Egl Comm Sales

♥ dollonstrings' guide to selling on the egl community sales ♥

 I experienced much grief with my first sales posts. I didn't know how to respond to buyers, or gauge pricing, deal with ridiculous post office staff, unreasonable customers, estimate shipping, pack clothes (I received a 4/5 rating for shipping a skirt in a most expensive bubble wrap envelope) and I didn't realise that the rules on the egl comm sales profile page were NOT the full set of rules (it's on the rule page, which is linked on the home page, and I didn't notice). It was aggravating have to try for unmoderated posting when I got warnings for small things here and there. >___>

You can cut through all that hassle with this step-by-step guide using my personal experience. =) I have sold over 50+ items, though I have not received feedback for all of them. ): I've bolded the main points, so you can skim over the text for the tl;dr.

here we go!

The Basics: Getting your post approved - the hoops sellers must jump through

Step 1. Start your post with 'DS'
Step 2. Put all text under an lj-cut
Step 3. Add your feedback link and make it clickable! This can be done by using the hyperlink option. You have to apply for a feedback page on eglfeedback. =)
Step 4. Add location in the location field. (mentioning your location in the post does not count)
Step 5. Add the '!ds' tags to your post. Add brand tags if you like.
Step 6. Make sure your stuff fits with the 75-25 rule. I have never encountered problems with this as I rarely bother selling loliable goods, but *shrugs*. A loliable item would be something like an offbrand bolero or cute necklace or a cute bunny bag. This is subject to moderator judgement, and if you can be bothered to, you can ask for it to be put to a moderator vote if your item was rejected and you think it shouldn't have been.
Step 7. Don't repost the same items without a 20% discount within 4 weeks. If you included the shipping in the original price, you need to reduce that as well. This is why I list the cost of shipping separately. Don't make another post within 4 days(ATTN posts don't count).

Do all of the above and you should have no problem.
I strongly recommend everyone to apply for unmoderated posting when they can (3 mistake-free posts), because I find it stressful to wait for my post to be approved in the middle of the night and having people lose interest in the item by the time I get back to them in the afternoon.


Actually selling items

1. How to appeal to potential buyers.

Now you've got the framing for your sales post, it's time to sell your items. These are just some guidelines that I personally use for my own sales, and I think it will help you to get your items sold as well.

- Take good photographs.

This means no blurry photos. Get a camera that has at least 8 megapixels. What I also do is upload my photographs to flickr and use the free photo editor provided to adjust the colours as clothes will look different in different lighting. Try to take pictures in the daytime, when there is the most sunlight. Don't overexpose your photographs unless photographing black items to show details. Iron your clothes before photographing them and arrange them nicely on a white background or on a clean, pretty bedsheet. I'm biased against clothes-on-the-floor photographs, but some lolitas like it, so I won't comment on that. Tie bows and do a criss-cross with neck-ties if there are any.

I spend a lot of time trying to take nice photos, so sometimes I keep the photographs even after the items are sold. XD Here are some photographs I'm proud of.
IMG_0002Lief Regimental Stripe Print Long SKLief Gardenberries
The main point is to make your items look good! Make sure the whole item is visible in the picture and all bows are not hidden behind the item.

- Arrange what you think are the most appealing items at the top of your post.

Let's say you handmake headbows or wristcuffs. You are selling 11 headbows in 11 different colours, a Priscilla wig and some used under-knee socks. You also want to sell, say, a Vampire Requiem corset skirt and a beautiful non-print chiffon JSK from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Put the VR skirt and the BtssB JSK at the top of your post, and the headbows, wig and socks below. Buyers have short attention spans. Having to scroll past huge-ass images of headbow after headbow with no variation except for colour, I am guilty of simply clicking the red 'X' at the top of the window instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom. Sure I could miss out on a cheap and cute brand skirt at the bottom of the post, but I don't really care.

This applies especially for gorgeous non-print items! You WANT people to look at your dress to know how beautiful it is. For coveted prints like Amour d'Amants and Vampire Requiem, simply listing the name in your sales post title will induce shoppers to scroll all the way to the bottom of your agonisingly long sales post. But if your dress is nameless and printless, your customers don't know they want to buy it!
Put these items at the top of your post!

- Draw attention to the nice details

I love brand clothes. If that makes me a brandwhore, I am one. Nothing makes me as happy as a branded dress that doesn't colour-run. The texture of the fabrics used, the little details. Some of these aren't apparent or visible in photographs, so as a seller, do draw attention to them.

For example, pockets are a nice bonus to lolita dresses, but you can't see that in photos. Mention it in your item description. Also provide close-ups of the different types of lace on the dress and do a short ramble about the parts you love. The back-corsetting, the rose lace, whether you think the dress is suitable for a casual night out and/or has an inner petticoat. Some dresses like Alice and the Pirates' Relief JSK have different cotton rose lace for the hem, straps, bust and and side ruffle. These are the small details that push like into LOVE.

- Point out the retail price
If the relief JSK that you are selling went for 30000 yen retail, and you're selling it for $250 - mention it! Let your customer know she/he is getting a bargain.

- Note if there are missing elements
Missing waist bow or waist-ties? State it in your post and emphasize that the price has been reduced to reflect this. I've found that somehow, cheap stained stuff sells better than expensive new-condition stuff.

- Provide stock photos
Some buyers don't believe your items are branded if they're not familiar with the fashion. They request for the name of the item, the hellolace page (as if we could somehow find it if they can't!) the lolibrary page.... The fact is that there are a ton of Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene dresses and cutsews and blouses that are not in the hellolace database. It doesn't contain information on older Angelic Pretty or Baby items either, and that's perfectly fine. It is a good guide for the recent years when lolita has been gaining increasing consumers. A stock photograph is a good proof if you can get one. Kindly let your buyer know that not having a hellolace entry does not negate the authenticity of the item.

This sometimes has the added bonus of deterring requests for worn photos, which I find annoying. I only entertain worn-photograph requests for dresses of ambiguous cut and only when I'm in a good mood/need money badly. Does anyone have any idea what a hassle it is to get out my tripod stand, focus my dslr properly, put on a reasonable coordinate and set the timer and pose?
In addition, my friends and I have discovered that out of 20 buyers who request worn photographs, only 1 will actually buy the item when provided the photograph. This is because most of them are only buying time to vacillate on the item and are not very serious in it.

My suggestion is to state very clearly in your terms and conditions that indicating interest on an item does not put anyone in line for an item. The item should always go to the first person ready to pay. This will save you a lot of grief from buyers that back out. Other serious buyers may also have spent their cash on something else by the time you get back to them after the first buyer jerked you around.

-Provide the hellolace page or lolibrary page if you can get it
Saves needless questions from lazy buyers and has a reassuring effect on first-time buyers.

2. The Money Matters

There are other ways to receive money such as Amazon or Google Checkout, but I haven't used them. So far I've only done transactions via Paypal, Bank transfer for local buyers and cash on meetup, so I'm only going to talk about them.

For international buyers it really seems that Paypal is the only option. Some buyers refuse to use any other method because Paypal is what they are used to and it has a reputation for siding with the buyer. I've had my own problems with Paypal as a buyer, so I can't answer for that rumour. =)

Let us assume that the customer is legitimate and won't provide you with too many problems.

- Always get tracking with delivery confirmation.
If you don't have tracking, should your buyer decide that she hasn't received the item, even if she did, and files a paypal claim, you have nothing at all to defend yourself with. Paypal will side with the buyer unconditionally and the customer's payment to you will be reversed. Don't trust the buyer. Protect yourself. If you get scammed, you have only yourself to blame.

- Always invoice the customer. Do Not Accept Personal Payment.
Accepting payments via personal robs you of your seller protection. Should the customer decide to pull a 180^0 you are, pardon me, screwed. It is worth it to pay paypal that additional 5%. You may add it into the price, or charge it separately, or absorb it. But pay it.
  If you need convincing on the matter, check out the recent scammer issue: http://egl.livejournal.com/18929625.html

Many sellers had thousands of dollars worth of transactions reversed.

Accept personal payment at your own risk.

- Only ship to the address registered on Paypal.
Sometimes a buyer may ask you to ship an item to a different address for whatever reason. Simply ask her to add the address to her paypal account and confirm it. Paypal requests documentation to prove your place of residence.

If you ship an item to a different address, see my point above on tracking. You have no proof whatsoever that you shipped the item to the buyer. Buyer screws you, Paypal reverses payment, you end up at square one minus your item and minus the cost of shipping. =)

- Meeting up
Be punctual! Put the dress in a nice plastic or paper bag and prepare some smaller notes as change in case the buyer doesn't have exact.
Blacklist flakers who don't show up. D:<

- Payment by Bank Transfer
This is very easy. Make sure you provide the correct bank account number and mail the item out to the customer at the post office as usual. Do pay for tracking as per usual. I have known of friends who mailed items to their customers, and the postman delivered it to the wrong address. The person living at the address claimed the item and never gave it back.
The end.

3. Shipping and Handling

-Don't charge your customers extra for envelopes and packing materials unless they stipulate for boxes or bubble envelopes. In which case, please do charge extra.
  I generally ship my items wrapped in plastic and in a normal brown paper envelope. Bubble envelopes can add 2-3 dollars to the price of shipping an item because of the extra weight, and is in my opinion extremely unnecessary for dresses and skirts. Fabric doesn't need bubble protection. o__O
  Should buyers request for a bubble envelope (and thus far, none have, despite my stipulation that any buyer who wants nice pretty packaging should ask for it), I charge extra for the cost of the envelope + added weight for the item. The savings from cheap packaging is reflected in the cost of the shipping fee.
  The main point is the dress, not the packaging. Packaging is not important if the item is fabric and unbreakable.

-Ship via airmail.
Avoid shipping via surface mail. The paypal claim will definitely expire before the item reaches and can lead to unhappiness all around. It's cheap, but avoid it. =)

-Retain all your tracking slips.

-Check the condition of your items before shipping it out. No stains no tears no rips.

-Let your buyers know when you've shipped the item. This makes them feel reassured.

-Write a thank-you note.
Completely optional, as is a thank-you gift, but it's a nice touch that I like to do! I don't give gifts to non-locals generally, because I never know what isn't allowed for import into the country, and it's a dumb reason to get the item stuck at customs.

4) Someone filed a paypal claim against me! What do I do?
Stay calm. Contact a sales moderator. If you're sure the fault isn't yours (item didn't arrive, not as described, stains on dress a month after the item arrived...) Let paypal know your side of the story. Make a big fuss of it to PP, show your positive feedback track record, the tracking slip, point out the item arrived long ago, proof pictures of item in good condition, screenshots of your original sales post and your communication with the customer.

Ask the customer what she is dissatisfied with and what you can do to help her.

Keep your cool, don't swear or rant at the customer. Be clear, detailed and polite. Don't drop off on the communication. Try to reply promptly. If you feel too aggravated, take a walk and have a cup of tea before responding, and check to make sure your reply does not sound aggressive.

and good luck. Remember to leave detailed negative feedback and blacklist her.

♥  Additional Tips ♥

Photograph the tracking slip as soon once you get it, in case you lose it! You'll need to photograph it for paypal should your buyer decide that she didn't receive her item.
Keep your tracking slips in a box until the paypal claim expires(45 days).
Read through the customer's feedback page before selling to her. This applies to buying as well. Always request a feedback page
Keep in contact with your customers! Ask if they received the item yet after two weeks, and if there are any problems with it.
Don't be discouraged if you encounter problems! Work your way through them with a calm and level head.
Always be courteous! Being nice goes a long way.
Have fun selling! You can meet some awesome people through sales transactions! I've made several good friends through selling and buying, and I'm sure you will too. =)