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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[anibee] Ani-Music: Yuya Matsushita

Does this guy remind you of anyone?

Okay, his name is actually really obvious. Image from MiniTokyo

Introducing to you, musical actor of Sebastian Michaelis: Yuya Matsushita!

Yuya Matsushita is an upcoming R&B and Hip Hop singer who has contributed several songs to the anisong scene! His debut song foolish foolish was produced by Jin Nakamura, who has also worked with other artistes such as Yuna Ito (singer for TRAPNEST in movie NANA), JUJU and Koda Kumi. His first break in the anisong scene however, came from contributing Trust Me as the first ending theme song to Durarara!! anime, his 4th single in 2010. His 6th single, Bird, was also selected as the first ending theme song for the Kuroshitsuji II anime.

Yuya in PaTi PaTi 07/2012. Image from Tumblr

Not only has he contributed songs, he has immersed himself completely as Sebastian Michaelis in the Kuroshitsuji musicals! You have to watch the musicals because he looks so much better there than in the magazine scans XD Acting alongside him as Ciel is Sakamoto Shougo, who was also Ryoma Echizen in the Prince of Tennis musicals.

Album Art U& Me. Image from Livejournal
He was also the Guest of Honor for MusicFest at FanimeCon in 2011 where he performed for the first time overseas to a crowd of 4000 fans, where he even included a special message for his fans. Not to mention that he was only 21 when he performed overseas. How many of us are that accomplished at 21. -sigh-

For all you Dream High fans out there, he has also starred in the Japanese adaptation musical of Dream High as Song Sam-Dong, a country bumpkin who went to the city to pursue his love for music.

Yuya, the blonde one. Image from Tumblr
To start of the new year, he will be going on tour to perform at 18 different locations in Japan, less than 6 months after his previous sold-out tour! Good-looking and multi-talented! Are you looking forward to more of his releases now?

Album Art Paradise. Image from Tumblr.

Find out more about him below!
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