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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[Taobao] Fake or real? My Beauty Diary Masks

Quite some time ago, while I was browsing through Taobao for some masks, I came across this:

As we all know, My Beauty Diary 我的美丽日记 is a famous Taiwan brand for their masks. But this was selling for a much cheaper price than even the official website itself! So is this a fake brand?

Well, not really.

我的美丽日记 is a brand name legally registered in China by company Han Miao. It has stocks on shelves in other countries in Hong Kong, but is not sold here. Apparently, Han Miao registered this 我的美丽日记 trade mark before the Taiwan company could, so in China, it is marketed as 我的美丽日志 (difference of one word) instead.

You can see the Han Miao trademark at the back of the mask packaging.
But as a person who has taken EL3256 Language and the Workplace, we all know that this naming isn't coincidental. What does Han Miao stand to gain by associating their masks with the famous Taiwan My Beauty Diary? Will we start thinking that their masks might have the same quality? Is the coincidental branding in the first place, intentional?

Price for Quality

The masks are not as good as the actual My Beauty Diary ones. Although serum is generous and the mask fits well, it tends to drip and leave a sticky feeling behind, so I always wash my face after. I would rate the masks 3.5/5, considering it is cheaper and works relatively well. If you really want to get the original My Beauty Diary from China, look out for 我的美丽日志. They are still slightly cheaper than Singapore prices. Even then, you still have to beware of the 'real' fakes being sold online. Check out the articles written by Sunnanz and Rinny's Beauty Diary for more information (:

Also, you can check if each piece of your masks are of different serial numbers. Unless the masks are of the same type and came from the same box, all your masks should have different serial numbers. Will have a picture up illustrating that soon!

Hope this will help you on your Taobao adventures!

Signing off,