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Saturday, February 23, 2013

[anibee] Ani-Music: Himeka

She is the winner of the Second Annual Animax Anison Grand Prix, and her first single single debuted at number 28 on the Oricon single charts. And French Canadian?! Introducing to you, HIMEKA!

Image from Official Site.
Like I mentioned earlier, the Annual Animax Anison Grand Prix allows aspiring singers a chance to make a professional debut and sing a theme song in an anime television show. Her debut single "Asu e no Kizuna" was the opening theme to the anime adaptation of the PlayStation 3 video game Valkyria Chronicles. Though the PV is lacking is quite a few areas, this song is my favourite out of her singles so far because of the melody and her voice (:

Image from Jpopasia.

For all you avid cosplayers, Himeka even released an official support song for World Cosplay Summit 2010, "La la la, Sekai o Hitotsuni". Have you listened to it? Not only has she released singles, she has a full cover album titled "Himekanvas", which included all her previous single releases, two cover songs and seven originals!

Her current blog is only in Japanese, but she would try to put a translation when she can, as seen in her previous blog before her shift to a new label. She likes to end her posts by sending her readers her magic sparkles of courage :D

Her second single was titled "Hatenaki Michi", the featured ending song for anime named Tegamibachi. Her third single, "Mirai e..." and was featured as the ending theme in the anime Senkō no Night Raid. I find that these two singles do not match up to the success of her first, but her latest just might! Check out her clear vocals in her latest single, Where I Belong, below!

I also find her particularly inspirational for her determination to break into and debut in the Japanese music industry despite being a non-native and not having been signed label prior to her entry. Big dreams can come true!

Find out more about Himeka below:

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