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Sunday, February 17, 2013

[Event] MANGA Festival 2013

So there was a little festival promoting manga and to accept only authentic goods in Singapore last weekend. I missed both the lecture and the autograph session because I had other stuff going on T.T However, I hopped over to the exhibition at Arts House after practice and came back in time for choir dinner LOL.

It was a really small but cosy exhibition in the gallery, and I initially thought that I was at the wrong place because so many NUS students were around acting as ushers X) Turns out there was a hall production going on the same night.

The first thing to spot after entering XD
You could get a bag with a small freebie if you completed their survey. The bags came in 3 colours :D Bookshelves of several titles, but I was only attracted to the Miku illustrations, and this:

Too cute already *A* So much Danbo! The pictures will melt your heart. You can't see it in the pictures, but the edges were quite crumpled, most likely because so many people flipped it LOL.

Walk over to the inner area, and fangirl over all the vocaloid art <3

Kaito is too cute!

Miku looking pensive while the twins have loads of fun

Carefully protected in glass cabinets!

There was also a promotion of an application that would allow you to browse legal Japanese manga on your phone, and simulates the flipping motion as well.

Find out more about Manga Festival 2013 below:

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Zy Blogger Monday, February 18, 2013  

Hi Amaya,
your blogskin is very nice, clean and professional.
Super comfortable to view. (:

雨夜 [アマヤ] Monday, February 18, 2013  

Thank you Zy!
Always enjoyed your blog, it has a lot of personality!