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Saturday, February 02, 2013

何歳ですか。(How old are you?)

It was my birthday recently! Peppered with little celebrations and dinners over the week(s). XD Not forgetting pictures from Streetangels!

Random fact: I have 2 birthdays (not counting my lunar calendar one). 22nd Jan is my real birthday, but on my birth certificate it reads 21st Jan because the nurse saw the wrong date. Why is it still unchanged? I have to pay $50 to get it changed, so heck. ._. It is kinda unique, anyway. :P

Read more under the cut to see more food, presents and little tidbits!

And of course, birthdays are celebrated with close friends and family! So I had a couple of dinners with different groups of people XD First was with my family, then with uni friends, and stnicks friends :D

Miso Hot Pot at Ministry of Food
The Ministry of Food has a wide selection of Western and Japanese cuisine, each provided for by a different restaurant! Right next to it was a Nabe buffet, which I will definitely go back to try! ^.^

Cake from Breadtalk! Yummy :D
I know I used to find my birthday really sad because when I was in primary school and secondary school, my birthday would never get celebrated in the first year because by the time the whole contacts list was out, my birthday would be over D: Such a childish thought, now to think of it XD

Will be updating this post with a picture of myself, wearing birthday gift from uni friends!

Signing off,