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Saturday, April 27, 2013

[Event] Shibuya Girls Runway (dip drops + rosebullet + love boat)

Image from HelloAsiaSingapore.
Just last Wednesday, there was a fashion show at Clarke Quay Central Fountain Square! Took the chance to dress nicely and wear my rainbow SUKI earring out <3

I really like the architecture of the place! Colourful and it looks beautiful at night!

Stage before it gets dark

Colouful buildings!

Lights on the ground as well!


I really liked the emcee though he wasn't the main point of the show XD He was really witty and sporting to do all those costume changes. XD

Everyone wanted a picture of him XD

His hair now sported LED lights lol.
There were 3 mini fashion walks, one per brand. First off was dip drops, followed by the new brand Love Boat, and lastly rosebullet! My favourite brand that night is definitely rosebullet :P Pastel colours ftw! I was pretty far away from the stage, with lots of people in front of me, so I'll be loading some of my better ones, and showing some officially taken photos :D

From Majolica Majorca FB

From Majolica Majorca FB

From Majolica Majorca FB

Sorry that the model is so far off, trying to remove as many heads as possible T.T

Baseball caps are the rage now!

Received pamphlets, a one-month VIP card and a mousepad! Just in time to replace my old one XD

Moreover, if you got their one-month VIP card, you can use it at rosebullet's official opening sale on 11th May, at the Wheelock Place branch ((: Also applicable to current VIP members (like duh). The branch is already up and running though, so check it out when you can!

Did you catch the show as well? What was your experience like? Which is your favourite brand? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

Don't miss out the latest discounts and trends! Find out more about the brands below

With love,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[anibee] Ani-Music: Choucho (ちょうちょ)

Hailing from Osaka, Choucho started out with humble roots: submitting anime song covers as an Utaite on niconicodouga, the Japanese equivalent of Youtube. Now, she is gaining popularity, and fast!

Promo Image for 2nd album, Flyleaf. Image from Natalie.mu.

I particularly like Choucho's sweet, clear vocals! My favourite anime covers from her are Melt, World is Mine and Magnet (both voices in this are by her), somehow all Hatsune Miku related :P Even after her debut, she continues to submit covers to NND and participate in collaborations!

Choucho as part of the Asamack Family. Image from zerochan.net.

Though she had started singing since 2007, her break came in 2011 when she made a major debut with single Kawaru Mirai, opening theme to TV anime Heaven's Memo Pad. Since then, she has moved on to produce more popular hits!

Album cover for Harmonia. Image from Sonix.
The song that led me to discover her however, was Yasashisa no Riyuu, hearing it the first time over radio drew me to her. Since then, I discovered Authentic Symphony (full official PVs rock!), opening theme of Mashiroiro Symphony and Harmonia, ending theme for game-inspired anime Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki. She has also since released two full-length albums, with her latest single release, Dream Riser, featured as the opening theme for Girls und Panzer.

Promo Image for Dream Riser. Image from Comtrya Sugoi.

Want proof of her popularity? She has also been selected as one of the singers for Animelo Summer Live 2013! \o/ She will perform alongside powerhouses such as Mizuki Nana, May'n and angela! Talk about recognition! I wish I could go there to see them all T.T

Full artist lineup for Animelo 2013. Image from Zotaku.

One teeny drawback is that her songs tend to gravitate towards being mid-tempo and soothing, and for those who enjoy hearing versatility, her songs have yet to show enough variety. Hopefully, the styles and genres will increase as she walks down her own path as an artiste!

Interested to stalk learn more about Choucho? Click on the links below!

Check out this post and more over at http://anibee.tv/!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

[Random Update] Changi Airport & Food


Now on to exams in two weeks OTL

Handed in my last report yesterday, and since exams were two weeks later, I slipped in time to work ^^v

I already feel like school's out for the next 3 months XD

The arrival time for my artistes was 9pm, so I reached Changi Airport pretty early (deadline was 5pm to hand in report in school).

Check out the kinetic rain! Stopped many kids from crying XD

Had initially planned to dine at Saboten, but the queue was horrendous. Switched to Astons instead (queue even shorter than KFC LOL).

Pork Chops! Loving the mushroom sauce and the potato :D
The root beer ice cream float came along first though~ Pretty decent though they could be more generous with the ice cream :P


PLUS! If you are free this afternoon, head down to Albert Street (near Little India) and check out a meido cafe at Casie and Mum's ^^v Guest cosplayers Neneko and Momo from Taiwan have come to be part of the event too!

With love,


The Reading Room and got lolita!

it's dollonstrings here. A long time no see. *bows*

My retirement plan is to open a book cafe. A cafe without walls, just bookshelves, and books of all kinds, old, rare, fairytales, fantasy, sci-fi that the patrons can peruse.

I saw some pictures of this place on facebook recently, and it looked kind of like my dream, so I hopped over to Bukit Pasoh Road to check it out today, dragging a friend along.

Clothes and food and books under the cut!

Outfit for today was Angelic Pretty's Sugar Pansy Doll JSK. It's really not a very lolita dress. It's very short on me, but poufs out naturally without a pannier. If I wore a petticoat underneath, the hem would barely skim the ends of my shorts. So.. a very nice sundress. Without the belt, it doesn't have any shape at all, rather like a muumuu. I guess that makes it very plus-size and pregnant-woman friendly? I have the bonnet, but I won't try to wear it while I don't have a fringe. Something I like about this dress is that the lace has pansies on it. AP lace is always very lovely...

Speaking of lolita, I'll just sidetrack to say HELLO TO MY NEW FORK & SPOON SOCKS.

I ordered them on reserve from Innocent World and they are so heartbreakingly awesomely gorgeous.

seee seeee seeeeeeee

 The Reading Room is a short walk from Outram Park. Exit from Exit G and start walking.

hmmmm. The cafe turned out not to be exactly like my dream cafe, so I guess I still have the chance to bring that to life. (My vision was a lot darker and earthier, with a piano and bar stools as well as alcoves and basically nooks to read in.)
Perhaps the feel was different because I visited in the daytime. I'd like to go again at night one day, and will probably return again.
There's a decent selection of books. Normal mainstream titles the names of which I shall not mention because I don't want to encourage anyone to read them, some sci-fi, and some good. They've got quite a few Anne Rice and Stephen King novels in there. The thicker volumes are placed higher up on the shelves so you might need help to get them down.

I absolutely adore the dark green cushy chairs. They give the place a comfy vintage feel. There's nice portraits on the wall and cheeky signs behind the counter (bar-phone service. $50 to tell your wife you aren't there and never came.)
I had a ham and cheese panini and macchiato. All paninis come with a choice of salad, either potato or garden. I chose the garden. The vegetables are drizzled with a sauce that tastes like soy + sesame oil. The bread was decent. Macchiato comes in a reallly tiny espresso-size cup. One nice touch is the fancy gem biscuit they put at the side of the cup. A very nostalgic feel. I don't know what panini really is supposed to be, but I'm told it is simply smashed bread. Bread smashed flat =D so it's apparently more condensed and filling, but I was still hungry. u__u The sandwich was a decent size though.

My friend had the tiramisu (no pictures, but it wasn't bad. It was okay. I've had better.)
and crab croquettes (pretty yummy!)
the staff there are quite friendly and nice. The girl who served us was very cheerful. There is a 10% service charge but no GST. (did you know, signing up for GST is mandatory only if your yearly income exceeds 1 million SGD.)

If you are interested in checking out the Reading Room, they have a frequently updated facebook page over here: http://www.facebook.com/TheReadingRoom.com.sg?fref=ts

aand, I'm off to bed. Night!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

[Music] Mocca

Image from Alur Maju

This post is even later than the previous one XD Another band that was inspiring to me back at BayBeats Festival 2012 was from Indonesia, Mocca! Apparently, they had disbanded back in 2010 but were so happy to come back to Singapore to perform once more! As you would expect, the crowd was enormous with several hardcore fans flying in from other countries!

Song: The Best Thing in the World

My first impressions of them were that they were a really lively and fun-loving bunch of people! They definitely know when to be serious, and when to just let loose and have fun!

Their song style is really what I like XD Soothing, sweet and simply adorable~! Plus their lives are just as good as listening to their CDs.

Song: Secret Admirer

I was so awestruck by them, by the time I got to the booth, all their CDs were sol out T.T Their MVs look pretty old because some songs date back to 10 years ago! Hope you will give these guys (and girl) a listen and enjoy their music as much as I did!

Image from Indrani.net
With love,


Saturday, April 13, 2013

[Event] AKB48 Meet & Greet at Tokyo Auto Salon

While writing this, my reports and 10+ research papers are all open XD So this is going to be a really short and quick post!

It was a pretty last minute decision to attend the AKB48 Meet & Greet yesterday, when dollonstrings mentioned that she wanted to go. Though I'm not a fan of AKB48, I like some of their music and respect them for the hard work they put into being members of AKB48, so I decided to accompany dollonstrings to the Meet & Greet session (:

dollonstrings decided to go in Lolita, so I decided to join in as well :DD

Finally, a selca XD
The session started promptly at 3.30pm which was the time stated on the poster (but not the one in the schedule. It was a really rushed session as well, with fans only allowed to high-five all members, but no photos, no autographs, no touching anywhere else, no gifts, no chitchat etc, and they had security standing in one row opposite the girls to ensure that all these rules were adhered to. No idea what's the rush for anyway =\ Only 500 fans in the moshpit were allowed for the Meet & Greet. If you didn't get moshpit pass, you will have to contend with standing on the outside.

AKB48 Girls taking photos for the opening ceremony.

Try and spot the row of AKB48 girls. Pretty tight security.

dollonstrings commented that under the sunlight, my face looked really red. I commented her face was all glittery XD Her bronzer from Etude House was really more glitter than anything else.

Both our coordinates :D Really like dollonstring's stockings! 
Coordinate details:
Blouse: Magical Tea Party
One Piece: Dear Celine
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

I finally have a full picture of my Dear Celine OP \o/ Photo taken by Yuichirou-san, who I met at the Tokyo Auto Salon XD

Some notable care pictures:


Finally found the car with Hatsune Miku~~

I really wonder if all that extra white boards will gain the car more points.

Signing off,