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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[anibee] Ani-Music: Choucho (ちょうちょ)

Hailing from Osaka, Choucho started out with humble roots: submitting anime song covers as an Utaite on niconicodouga, the Japanese equivalent of Youtube. Now, she is gaining popularity, and fast!

Promo Image for 2nd album, Flyleaf. Image from Natalie.mu.

I particularly like Choucho's sweet, clear vocals! My favourite anime covers from her are Melt, World is Mine and Magnet (both voices in this are by her), somehow all Hatsune Miku related :P Even after her debut, she continues to submit covers to NND and participate in collaborations!

Choucho as part of the Asamack Family. Image from zerochan.net.

Though she had started singing since 2007, her break came in 2011 when she made a major debut with single Kawaru Mirai, opening theme to TV anime Heaven's Memo Pad. Since then, she has moved on to produce more popular hits!

Album cover for Harmonia. Image from Sonix.
The song that led me to discover her however, was Yasashisa no Riyuu, hearing it the first time over radio drew me to her. Since then, I discovered Authentic Symphony (full official PVs rock!), opening theme of Mashiroiro Symphony and Harmonia, ending theme for game-inspired anime Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki. She has also since released two full-length albums, with her latest single release, Dream Riser, featured as the opening theme for Girls und Panzer.

Promo Image for Dream Riser. Image from Comtrya Sugoi.

Want proof of her popularity? She has also been selected as one of the singers for Animelo Summer Live 2013! \o/ She will perform alongside powerhouses such as Mizuki Nana, May'n and angela! Talk about recognition! I wish I could go there to see them all T.T

Full artist lineup for Animelo 2013. Image from Zotaku.

One teeny drawback is that her songs tend to gravitate towards being mid-tempo and soothing, and for those who enjoy hearing versatility, her songs have yet to show enough variety. Hopefully, the styles and genres will increase as she walks down her own path as an artiste!

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