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Saturday, April 27, 2013

[Event] Shibuya Girls Runway (dip drops + rosebullet + love boat)

Image from HelloAsiaSingapore.
Just last Wednesday, there was a fashion show at Clarke Quay Central Fountain Square! Took the chance to dress nicely and wear my rainbow SUKI earring out <3

I really like the architecture of the place! Colourful and it looks beautiful at night!

Stage before it gets dark

Colouful buildings!

Lights on the ground as well!


I really liked the emcee though he wasn't the main point of the show XD He was really witty and sporting to do all those costume changes. XD

Everyone wanted a picture of him XD

His hair now sported LED lights lol.
There were 3 mini fashion walks, one per brand. First off was dip drops, followed by the new brand Love Boat, and lastly rosebullet! My favourite brand that night is definitely rosebullet :P Pastel colours ftw! I was pretty far away from the stage, with lots of people in front of me, so I'll be loading some of my better ones, and showing some officially taken photos :D

From Majolica Majorca FB

From Majolica Majorca FB

From Majolica Majorca FB

Sorry that the model is so far off, trying to remove as many heads as possible T.T

Baseball caps are the rage now!

Received pamphlets, a one-month VIP card and a mousepad! Just in time to replace my old one XD

Moreover, if you got their one-month VIP card, you can use it at rosebullet's official opening sale on 11th May, at the Wheelock Place branch ((: Also applicable to current VIP members (like duh). The branch is already up and running though, so check it out when you can!

Did you catch the show as well? What was your experience like? Which is your favourite brand? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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