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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

[Assignment] Yfest @ Esplanade

Before I came to work for this event, I was quite worried about the haze condition because I would be outdoors 99% of the time. But well,  THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Continue reading to see how I braved the haze!

Day 1

Where did MBS go LOL.

The haze was really bad lol. Soundchecks were halted for a pretty long time, and it was constantly worrying that the PSI would not drop below 200 in time for the performances.

Waiting the haze out in office!!

But hey! It did, and so we have a great night out!

Heartfelt! The guy on the right is super awesome!

GLP! Naz I will remember you forever. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID lol just kidding.

My pet alpaca!

Day 2

Day started with haze about PSI 300? Dropped unexpectedly quickly, and soundchecks were on as usual! Turn-out was really good too with the PSI hovering ~100 that night. Yay (:

View from the Rehearsal Studio. So clear!
ITE Show Choir was the first act that night, and they were a passionate bunch of people on stage! Could be better in tune, honestly.

Halfway, the show had new special effects: FIREWORKS from NDP lol /o/

Floating platform~

Day 3

The day with the latest reporting time yay! And with the most breaks lol.

Really liking this set at the Concourse!


Loving the dome areas because the voice echoes so nicely hahaha

Check out Super Moon yo.

Trick rocking the stage!
In this event I didn't really get to interact with artists very closely, because I had to run around and take care of different artists all at one time :P But it was still fun watching all the performances! Never come across so much rapping in a while XD

Random pictures I took while on break!

Looks like cute collectibles!

Reminds me of Power Rangers lol.

On another happy note, I finally received my dream camera: Olympus E-PL5! Can't wait to unbox it! It's been sitting in a corner of my room.

Hoping to attend COSMO Youth Parade this weekend! Hope to see you there!

With love,