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Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Food] Yayoiken

Had a wonderful night out with the lovely peeps from NUS :D Been forever since I met them outside of school matters, but the first thing we discussed was about school OTL. Honours Thesis matters, woes of a final year student haha.

Was feeling pretty trigger-happy with my new camera XD

The exterior!
Yayoiken is a pretty accessible place with affordable food (most under $20). Just take the escalator outside New Look, and turn LEFT! Turning right will make you walk an entire round before reaching lol.

Food displays outside!

Can take selfies with the front-facing LCD haha! Still need to get used to the 170deg tilt screen!

Yakiniku set!

Japanese style hamburgers! (S-17)
I can still remember the number on the menu LOL. It comes with a beef and a pork hamburg, grilled Japanese style! There's also the Western style, but honestly I can't taste the difference between them other than the sauce XD

I did try the tonkatsu which Yayoiken is famous for, but I honestly prefer the hamburgs XD Tonkatsu is crispy, but a little too dry for me as I was having an inflamed throat that night.

Being trigger-happy/
Dessert time! We got a Matcha Pudding and a Milo Pudding (:


Tastes like chocolate! Can be a bit heavy to stomach after a full meal.
Overall, price was good for the food served! Service was really good too, with only a few people serving but was really efficient! Food came super fast too XD

Have you tried Yayoiken? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

More about Yayoiken!
313@somerset #B3-33/34 Singapore 238895
(They have 3 more branches, Amara Hotel, Bugis+ and Liang Court!)

With love,