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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Lolita] Sleeping Beauty collection by Infanta

All pictures are property of Infanta unless otherwise stated.

This was actually a tip-off from dollonstrings, who spotted this collection first XD Infanta comes out with a lot of print dresses, including the Red Riding Hood JSK which I wore for a photoshoot some time ago.

From my shoot!

The Sleeping Beauty collection features a JSK, SK and two head accessories, a bonnet and a KC (Katyusha, or hairbow).

Sleeping Beauty JSK

I personally prefer the dark brown one to the original colour :P

Doesn't show off the dress, but I like the composition!

Sleeping Beauty SK

Sleeping Beauty Bonnet

Heard from dollonstrings that not -anyone- can wear a bonnet, but I myself have no idea what the requirements are XD If you're worried, you might want to consider getting the KC instead.

Loving the bow at the back (^_^)

Sleeping Beauty KC

Again, available in brown and the original colour. It's a pretty big bow which would not be so welcomed for a casual outfit, so matching might be limited if you're looking for accessories for casual Lolita wear.

With love,


dollonstrings Wednesday, June 12, 2013  

sew pretty!