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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

[Event] BonJapan Theme Cafe

Did you catch the largest ever theme cafe in Singapore last weekend at *scape?

I was carrying my camera around for a bit, but gave up when the customers started coming because I didn't have a bag to put it in. ): It was a fun experience getting to serve and perform power-ups for customers, as well as interacting with the other cosplayers, meido-sans and butlers lolol.

So here's the pre-event photos that I caught (: A really quick post because school's starting and I need to get my materials done before it begins OTL

Makeshift nametag using the goodies from JapanLover.me!

Toy Stage x Mirai

Code Geass Kuji

Setting up of tables and chairs.

Dion, Suzume & Mirai!

Lots of Toro lolol


Setting up the tables of food~!

BonJapan Cafe へようこそっ!

Most would have been taken from various sources and credited below.

The morning shift people! From Tim.

Using Ringo's super awesome camera! From Tim.

Decorating the rilakkuma!

Afternoon shift! 
Check out the spell casting and performances below! The performances were all impromptu, so pardon any mistakes okay!

With love,