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Friday, July 12, 2013

[Event] Cosfest XII

Blogging one week after cosfest is over OTL I'm very late, but who cares XD I only attended on Sunday, so I missed the Shingeki no Kyojin and Cardcaptor Sakura team D:

Tried a new hairstyle today!

Reached about 12-ish with my smiley potatoes! They got really dry after a few hours, so I shall bring something more sustainable next time XD Met a few friends~



Dokuro! Of course I remember ._.

Pie by Kamelot! Forgot to take with her OTL But it's yummy!

And of course, took pictures of cosplayers! Not many since I was pretty handicapped carrying potatoes. Another note to bring something else next time. XD


....and the queue for her autographs and merch lol.

Tsubasa Chronicles!

Had an impromptu encounter with Clive, Caroline, Raistlin and Fishii~! Fishii is a Lolita fan too! :D Clive and Shinji had a pantomime showdown while waiting for the WCS results lol.

Me and Fishii~!

My overall thoughts was that the audio system was really bad OTL The anime karaoke segment was creative, but I think they can increase the difficulty by only allowing each singer to sing once. That way, everyone can get a chance to sing (whether they know the song or not) haha. And people won't be like 'I watched the whole segment and you didn't sing after all ):' Or you can keep these fans watching to the end. Pros and cons I suppose!

Shots of the stage

My camera really cannot take motion ._.

WCS Performances!

Team 5 doing Final Fantasy 11

They won, by the way

MUSE! Love Live.

Guest performing team!

Team Heart

Team Soul
Went out for dinner with Raistlin after the event, and ended up with random conversations and now we're planning to go attend an event somewhere together?!  LOL. We already booked the flight tickets and hotel already hahahaha AFA INDONESIA :D

On a side note, I actually found a picture of myself from the event ;_;

Thanks to Benjamin~!

Hope to meet new people at BonJapan's Cafe tomorrow~!

With love,


June L. Sunday, July 21, 2013  

Oh myyy, Cofest looks like so much fun! I've never been to one, you're super lucky! *___* Looks like a great time. <3

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雨夜 [アマヤ] Tuesday, July 23, 2013  

Thank you! I'm sure there will be ACG events in your neck of the woods too (: