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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Japalang Warehouse Sale + Summer Hokkaido Fair

Busied myself with two tiny events on Friday! Immediately went home to my scores after OTL Memory is failing me~

Japalang Sale

I went to the Japalang WareHouse Sale on Friday (: 9 Tagore Lane isn't difficult to find, and the management has even kindly guided you to the exact floor:

Sticker in the lift!

After you get out from the lift, you will see them in clear view!

Busy busy~!

The area is very clearly organized, and some items were so popular, they were already sold out at Blogger's Night yesterday OTL But still, I got some items on the cheap for my sister's cosplaying needs XD

GUESS! The-price-is-right time XD
The sale works on a if-you-buy-more-you-get-more-discount basis. So if you buy 3 items instead of 2 items, you will get a greater discount!

From left to right: NARUKO moisturizer, cleanser & toner (3 for $19!), K-Palette eyeliners ($32 after 20% discount). It's really cheap considering that the usual prices will add up to $40 for the 3 NARUKO items @.@

I also got 2 of the same makeup bases since my sister didn't have one. Since it was selling at 1 for $6.90 and 2 for $7.00, I automatically got 2 instead #cheapo

You get a free Hello Kitty Mask as soon as you join the sale XD They also give you a plastic bag as your shopping cart XD If you register to become a member of Beauty Carousel, you also obtain a $20 voucher! The pink gift that I received was for my blogger status :P It contains an information leaflet/samples for Cure & a K-Palette eyeliner in limited edition packaging!

For every $50 spent, you get 2 tries at the Lucky Draw machine! I only got 2 Gachapon lol. But hey! You can win NARUKO products, Steamcream and more!

Summer Hokkaido Fair

After that my 'victory' over at Japalang, I took a (really long) bus ride to Tampines Mall to enjoy the Hokkaido Food Fair! Got lost and walked around the wrong mall OTL

Tried out Zundo Tonkotsu Miso Ramen~! The shop originates from Hakodate City, Japan! You can get a spicy version of it for $19. Mine is $17. Apparently, I got a better deal because I have 4 pieces of meat, one more from Thursday according to an auntie who ate on Thursday and ate again on Friday lol.

I had to stop myself from buying food back because I know dollonstrings is buying me edible omiyage back from Japan XD


Awesome tasting salmon roe. Sampling available!

Only on the 2nd floor! The most popular omiyage from Hokkaido!

Hope you've enjoyed the post and pictures~!

With love,