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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 more days~!

I will be attending all 3 days of AFA.ID! Been so blessed to receive free concert tickets from the ARCC organiser because I will be helping out backstage. Holiday-turned-volunteer haha! I've been trying to pick up some Indonesia phrases even though most can speak English/Japanese XD

Please let me meet Kalafina >.< 

Since I have 20kg baggage allowance (my travel partner needs the allowance and Jetstar doesn't allow baggage allowance selection by passenger), I will be bringing Lolita :D Petticoat, loli bag and heavy shoes and all XDD Too bad I don't have a loliable wig, or that will go into the luggage as well. XD

Got myself the AP mook from Kino. :D

Went out to select lovely presents for the kind organisers who got us free concert tickets! Will be bringing 7D dried mango that I bought from PH to ID for Reika yay! Reika is such a sweetheart >.<

Can't wait to meet all the friends I made in AFA.SG last year too! Sora, Echow, Konnichi, Miya, Menk, Richie, Emi, Yoga, Zhuge and more :DD Plus making new friends :D

And of course, bringing my new camera just to take photo with Kalafina hoping to bring backstage exclusives LOLOL.

Judges Unite: backstage exclusive by yours truly XD

August is almost completely gone! I've gone completely off my set blogging schedule because school's been rough (final year thesis woes) plus I was gone for a weekend in Philippines competing in a choir competition. I considered blogging about it but considering the scope this blog covers, probably not XD Maybe next time (:

But still. Say hi to my choir family (:
Will be going back to Naoki Yoshihara by ASH soon to get my hair cut because my bangs are now non-existent XD Stay tuned for a post on that if you like XD

Signing off,