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Friday, September 13, 2013

[Event] AFA Indonesia 2013 Day 3


So Day 3 wasn't so relaxing like Day 2, but the crowd seem to have subsided somewhat. Helped Raistlin to assemble his 3D gear before we went to the venue to prepare for the Meet & Greet.

P.S. Also helped to sew a button for his Ikki costume on Day 2. Many thanks to Caroline (Clive's wife) for having needle and thread \o/

Walked into the male dressing room, AND THEN THIS HAPPENS


Turns out the female dressing room is just separated by those movable barriers, so we created a tiny space to cross instead of going out of the room and coming back in from the other door XD

Meet & Greet Pt. 2

So this time, we had all guests to attend the Meet & Greet session, including Raistlin & Pinky!

You could bring merchandise to sign, shirts, and even Kyojin masks LOL.

Crazy crowd as usual!

Photog wall
It was quite impressive that whenever the queue had a bit of gap to reveal Kaname and/or Reika, the whole crowd will go "KANAME/REIKA x100" and then they will pose and the crowd goes wild!!!! then the staff will ask them to step back again. Repeat this another 20-30 times.

I very hardworking. Take photo of my boss being hardworking.


We were supposed to go straight to the SnK booth for a photoshoot session, but Reika wanted to see the AFA Cafe, so the whole entourage took a detour XD

I love how Reika is still being in character for this XD 

Heichou style. Reika said that the cup is really hot, to be holding it like that XD

Photoshoot at SnK Booth

Anyone who was cosplaying SnK could join the group photo!

The Armored Kyojin cosplayer had special treatment!


Halfway through the day, we were all hungry. So, I bought takoyaki for Raistlin, Kaname and me. 美味い!

DO YOU KNOW? Both jackets belong to Reika! *coughlazycough* XD

HUAT AH XD Photo by Zainal Naru.

RCC Preliminaries 

After resting in the room for a bit, we headed out to watch the preliminaries! 20 teams OTL.

Here another picture of my handsome boss

Special SnK Peformance

(Come and watch the unofficial version XD)

By Lunar Cosplay Team! Kaname and Reika watched the performance from my camera XD At some point, someone walked into my view and Reika went 'no go away' in Japanese SO CUTE. Kaname was quite impressed that everyone sort of knew it was him who fell out of the Titan from the start XD

Group photo

After that was the prize giving. I gave up taking photos because of the sheer number of people who were at the front of the stage. You know, I understand that Kaname and Reika are worth fangirl-ing about (yes I do internally kyaaaa because of them sometimes), but sometimes I think that the audience can pay just a bit more attention to the person who is talking.

Shall wait for the official photos of the performances~

On a happier note, I was really impressed by the high level of cosplay the competitors presented! Somersaulting in armor cosplays wow. The winner really deserves the win~ I think it will be tough for Singapore to beat them, no matter how proud I am of my own home team (which hasn't even been decided) :P

During the talk segment (while waiting for results), Kaname and Reika were both taught choice words from Bahasa XD And Kaname mentioned about how much effort he spent into making the brown loincloth-thingy such that when he bends down you get a glimpse of his butt that he's so confident about, lolwhut!

Camwhore time~!

All taken with the trusty iPhone4~

Sora! Love her much <3

Another LO, Yuka, who was super friendly too!


Clockwise: Kaname, Angie, Reika, Ying Tze


One more thing to look forward to is that we took a BTS VIDEO together~! By one of the official videographers there. I hope I do see it! It has Shingeki no Doraemon LOL

The day was really fun but tiring too OTL Reika snoozed on her chair when we got back. It was fun watching Kaname and Reika squeeze all their presents into the bags they had to transport them back to the hotel XD

Signing off,