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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Post-AFAID13 | Day 4


Today is THE DAY

1) we get lots of cool conversations
2) we get to eat with almost all the guests (Ying Tze & Angie were eating with the AFA Cafe peeps)
4) *coughgossipcough*
3) I abandoned Boss Raistlin to hang out more with Pinky & Reika XD

Here's a photo of us all in the car to lunch! Photo from Raistlin.

Was helping Raistlin to pack the 3D gear, exploded into laughter when I saw all the signatures at the bototm of the box, all the people who had used this 3DMG XD He had a hard time trying to sign it because it was at the bottom on the really long box (opened it the wrong way up).


Had lunch at a nearby mall, at an Indonesian food place. While flipping through the menu, Raistlin's super sharp eyes caught this:


So we decided to order one and share with the entire table XD It was more a milkshake than juice, really. Kaname was using English quite effectively during lunch XD

K: Nohomo, nodurian, nospicy.
S: Nojapanese, englishonly
K: ...
S: ^^V
-everybody claps-

But hey! Kaname has pretty good English. We told him that Clive had a cosplay-themed wedding, and he asked "Is it a popular style of wedding in Singapore?" to which all the Singaporean's answered "Nonononono -hands crossed-".

The hosts even got Reika and Kaname more mango delights because they heard mango was expensive in Japan.

Photo from Reika.
The hosts also got all of us so much fooooood I was so stuffed and couldn't finish ;_;

Nasi Uduk, if I'm not wrong lol. Like Nasi Lemak!

Apparently Jakarta has so many malls now that the government no longer issues permits to contractors who want to build malls XD

Since our flights were pretty late, we took a trip to Grand Indonesia to have some drinks and chat at socialhause!

The people who cannot really stand smoke XD
Grand Indonesia really looks like a typical SG mall XD

Except maybe with a bit cooler architecture XD And probably bigger than any of our malls XD It has an east mall and a west mall. M said that it was a combination of a few malls, actually.

And then there was a mad rush to take photos together with everyone while waiting for the car to transport the four of us to the airport XD

Emi went 'boohoo' and they all joined in T.T Save for Naru lol.

Throughout the car journey, Kaname and Reika were like \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ while Raistlin and I were like (。-ω-)zzz So impressed by the amount of energy they have!

Reached the airport and checked in~! There were some lucky fans who managed to recognise them at the airport XD Many thanks to Stella who was there for another friend; Jakarta airport isn't as easy to navigate as Changi >.< Also many thanks to Alex who accompanied and helped us all the way to the boarding gate!

Turns out our boarding gates and just next to each other, and our flights are 5 minutes apart XD So we had a rather leisurely walk to the boarding gates XD Stopped for a bit because Kaname got sucked into a shop to buy omiyage for everyone back home.

So close to each other we can see each other's planes lol.

Time skip to HOME!

Thank you for all the coscards~!

Did I mention that Reika has the cutest LINE stickers I have ever seen? She's so kind and friendly~ I had a lovely chat with her on the way to the boarding gate <3

Kaname too! When I was struggling with producing proper Japanese sentences, he told to me to take my time to think and speak Japanese so nice ;_;

Ying Tze & Angie are really friendly too~! Ying Tze coined the term 'Team Raisin' LOL.

Pinky! Been her long time fan haha XD She's also a very humble and caring person <3

Yay done with this event~! Time to start catching up on work and anibee posts /shot

Signing off,