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Thursday, November 14, 2013

[Event] AFA Singapore 2013

I had the awesome opportunity to work at this event! I had two jobs (sort-of):
1. ARCC helper for the Singapore, later Malaysia Team
2. Helper for Indonesian guest judge, Richfield Edbert

So yes, I didn't have much time at all to walk the booths or watch the stage activities or meet all my SG friends, or get trolled by this dude: Post by Shinji Sg. So this post is more of a compilation of selfies with the guests backstage XD

Day 1

We spent the evening running around the empty halls before going for rehearsal after the concert ended at 11pm OTL Some hiccups here and there but we successfully checked everyone in, and got all the teams to come to the venue for rehearsal! \o/ Reached home at 2am LOL.

Running around the empty halls LOL

Trying to mimic the meido poses

Day 2

Spent the day being Richfield's helper! His flight came in 20mins early and shocked me cause I was still on the bus to the airport lol XD Got decked out in lolita today too! But no pictures XD Spent some time outside to accompany him for his Tokusatsu shoot, plus met up with Stella, Raistlin & Sochii~ o/

Met up with Natumi and Reika backstage! Reika was pleased to receive her interview by iweekly XD She saw that two photos showed her obvious lack of eyebrows and was so embarrassed XD She went 'why didn't they put mosaic/photoshop!' LOLOLOL.

Kaname only arrived at like 6 plus lol! He only had a photosession that day XD

Day 3

The most hip and happening day! Richfield had another helper for today, so I could fully concentrate on my ARCC duties for the day!


Day 3 - Prejudging

Done in the loading bay area to squeeze everyone in XD

Team Thai!

Team MY!

KINGYO FLOWER POT! Kaname said that it will eat you and drag you to hell. 

Judges for ARCC! Look at Ying Tze being a cut above the rest XD

Achievement unlocked: some fan called me a 'bitch' for covering the names of the judges' files before the start of ARCC so they couldn't figure out where their idol was sitting exactly XD

Yeah if you read the comments below, I offended said fan because of my joke ): I'm sorry ):

All the contestants and judges posing for a photo!

The reason why I have no good pictures of ARCC award ceremony: Being Kaname's "flower girl" LOL

Backstage: the area to meet up with friends XD

Camwhore time~ AFA is really more of an event where I just meet up and hang out with local and overseas friends, as well as meeting loads of new people! This has to be one of the busiest AFAs I've attended XD

With Richfield!

Rena + Whitey!



Angie :D


With Onnies!


omt I look like hjj XD

With Arsen!


BUT HEY! I got to watch TMR and Mizuki Nana from the stage front -throws confetti- Jim sir was very kind to give me and a few others lightsticks so we can enjoy the show!

Looking forward to AFA ID and SG 2014 already XD Getting jio-ed to attend Toys & Comics Fair in Jakarta in March, super tempted XD

5 consecutive shots with the ever awesome Reika!

Last but not least

If you want to know more about my adventures with Japan-related events and Japanese culture (or just want to make me happy XD), please go like my page below!

Please do not add me on my personal FB account unless I actually do know you. Drop me a FB message cause I'm not good with names or faces, but I will remember if you tell me where and how we met. PLUS PLUS PLUS there's no exclusive Reika/Kaname/anyothercosplayer/phtotos/gossip/rumours/theirpersonalinformation on my personal FB. Anything you want to know, you'll have to ask me personally, and I'll tell you if I'm close enough to you.

Mata ne~


Anonymous Monday, December 02, 2013  

pmsl bitch huh?

Firstly, when you covered up the judges name file, we didn't call you a bitch. We said "oh how stupid, they should cover it up in the first place if they don't want the fans to see their seats"

Secondly, we found out who sat where lol you were slow by a second.

Thirdly, congratulations on your achievement. ^^

Don't act all high & mighty, and start assuming stuffs about people.

雨夜 [アマヤ] Tuesday, December 03, 2013  

To Anon,

Firstly, I apologise, I heard wrongly. The place was very noisy with fans. I only heard the first few words which I don't even remember any more if not for this blog, because it was a trivial matter.

Secondly, It does not matter to me if you found out. I knew you would have, if you were smart, because there were only two left when I decided to cover XD You have shown me what new lengths fans are willing to do, that I completely did not expect. XD I covered it mainly to stop other people from figuring out where the seats were.

Thirdly, Well it's no more now, right? Have to go find another 'achievement'. ):

I'm sorry if I came out as being cocky. The "achievement" was phrased as a joke, and I'm sorry if it offended you. If you could provide some form of recognition I would converse with you directly, but you don't, so I will just have to comment here, and hope that you see it.

Keep on having a good day!

With love,

Anonymous Tuesday, December 03, 2013  

Thank you for your apology. (: to be honest, i was slightly offended.

But it's okay now. I shouldn't have commented on your post with an attitude either. It just shows my petty heart.

Have a good day today too!