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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa

Had the chance to book a slot with the cat cafe on the second day of its opening!! First day was Christmas xD I got through the 4th call for the booking.

We had planned to go after Mimi's photoshoot in some long forgotten place, but the rain delayed us. So, we were late for about 20 mins T.T But they only charged us for the remaining hour that we had booked for.

Before you go in, you have to wash your hands, read their cat cafe handbook for the rules, and you're ready to go! There's also FREE wifi provided, so you can post all the kitty photos you want, in real time xD

It was a rainy day, might be the reason why majority of the cats were sleeping?

The interior kitty play area
What I find really special about these cats is that they were all picked up from the streets - so they aren't specially groomed, pedigree-type cats.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Foodie] W39 Bistro

Had a quick outing with friends at the west end of Singapore!

I found this cafe from an article posted on herworldplus.

Even though we came on a Sunday, the cafe was not crowded as we had expected, so walk-ins are likely to be available. A little bit on the 'ulu' side because only a few buses go there, and if you miss one, the waiting time is about ~20mins OTL Thankfully there is more than one bus you can take, but all from different bus stops around Clementi xD

Because we were a large group of about 5-6 people, they gave us the 10-seater table xD

Some shots of the internal decor:

The lights above our table!
Lovely displays to entice you!

The cafe has breakfast available till 3pm on weekends \o/ I was really hungry though, so I ordered a main below:

Braised Lamb Shank Mushroom Panini, Salad ($13)
You can check out the rest of their menu on their website! If you want pictures, check out their FB! Look at the sample of foods you can get!

From W39 Bistro FB.

The food is good and decently priced, definitely a must-try! No GST charge, only 10% service charge (: Only thing is that there is no shelter from the bus stop to the bistro, so pack an umbrella, especially in this rainy December. (:

There was an artist decorating their windows when we were there, so you will be just in time to enjoy the Christmassy art :D


Find out more about W39 Bistro:
39 Jalan Mas Puteh
Singapore 128637
Reservations: 96465372


Sunday, December 08, 2013

Anime updates~! aka post-exam aftermath

Tis the holidays!

Also the month of spending OTL Christmas presents, more birthday gifts, meetups and outings~!

I spent the first week of December after exams being my otaku self: watching anime xD


Rating: 6 / 10

Rather entertaining with an interesting way of using the detective concept! I liked how they kept to the game design of moving around, collecting clues etc. However, with all the hype I have seen about this anime, I am rather disappointed? The game was better for me, because you could find the clues and deduce on your own, but converted into an anime, became a bit boring. I enjoyed the soundtrack though, was really useful in building tension and excitement at the appropriate moments!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica 

Rating: 9.5 / 10

The anime was not as impactful as it would have been if not for the Internet xD Even then, it is definitely dark and unlike all the magical animes out there xD I particularly enjoyed the battle sequences, very well executed. What really surprised me was that Madoka, while being the main character, actually had very little spotlight in the whole anime. Only finished the anime but not the movies, but I am looking forward to finishing them :D

Darker Than Black 

Rating: 8 / 10

Finished both seasons and the Gaiden! A rather old anime, I liked the episodic feel of this anime: each episode has its own mini mission which the main characters accomplish to differing extents. Hei, the main lead gets weirder every episode, which I will leave you to find out for yourself xD The second season had better, faster pacing than its first, but I enjoyed the characters from Season 1 more.

Ending off with a picture from a photoshoot I helped out in the same week:

Cosplayer: Rasitlin Photog: Shaun

So what has everyone been up to this December holidays?  (:



Wednesday, December 04, 2013

[anibee] Ani-Music: ELISA

And yes I am back to writing! This is a (very) late introduction on one of the singers who sang for Valvrave Night at AFA Singapore 2013 just last month!

Image from rouge-design.

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, ELISA is both a model and singer, signed to Elite Model Management and SME Records respectively. Though she took a hiatus from 2011 to 2012, she is now back full force!

Before her hiatus, she enjoyed great success, with appearances to Animelo Summer Live every year from 2008 to 2011! Her song contributions included hit animes Ef - A Tale of Melodies and A Certain Scientific Railgun. Well-versed with mid-tempo songs such as Dear My Friend (ED Theme to A Certain Scientific Railgun), her slow songs such as Hikari (ED theme to King of Nabari) are just as emotive!

Image from minitokyo.

Her most recent contribution was 2 songs for Valvrave the Liberator: I'm by your side and Realism. Did you enjoy them live when she came to AFA this year?

Image from Jpopasia.

What I especially enjoyed during her AFA live though, was Do You Remember Love? from the Macross series (still one of my favourites). Now all I need is to see Catch You Catch Me from Cardcaptor Sakura live.

If you're looking for other features of the guests from Valvrave Night, we have Mizuki Nana's as well!

Find out more with the links below:



Sunday, December 01, 2013

[Foodie] Kazan Ramen @ Liang Court

After almost 1+ month of 'I want to blog' & 'I will blog' thoughts, I am finally back here XD

I took a day off studying to collect my Hello Japan! goodie bag from their main office at Liang Court, and treated myself to a good bowl of ramen XD

Tonkotsu Kazen has been around for some time, though the Liang Court branch only opened this August!

Some shots of the interior decorations: