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Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Foodie] Gyu-kaku @ Anchorpoint

One new foodie place for the month of February~

I had received a $30 birthday voucher from Gyu-Kaku Restaurant earlier in January. Having had a great experience at the Gyu-Kaku at CHIJMES (now closed for renovations), I knew I had to use it before it expired xD

Set Lunch menus are only available at Anchorpoint, UE Square and Millenia Walk branches.

To make full use of my birthday voucher, I got the Wagyu Premium Lunch Set, which consisted three different cuts of beef, rice, soup, salad, drink and an ice cream! The soup was a surprise because it was not in the illustration lol.

After ordering, the staff will set up the grill for you~!

Salad. Nothing fantastic.
At Gyu-Kaku, you get two dipping sauces for the meat! On the left is the sweet sauce, and on the right is the very mildly spicy soy sauce with leek.

I was halfway through the soup when I remembered to take pictures OTL. Beef base, to explain the unusually oily surface. Seaweed all eaten HAHA.


Grilling time~ That's all the meat from the plate haha!
For grilling the cube cut Wagyu rump cap, it's best to grill them at the sides, or end up with a burnt surface xD
My plating sucks OTL

When you are done grilling and trying to finish the rest of your meal, the staff will help you remove the charcoal and cover the gaping hole on the table.

Matcha ice-cream for dessert! Hand-made, if I'm not wrong.

Overall, the meal is very filling and satisfying for its price, and the staff are efficient, friendly and helpful!

A little apron for you to wear while grilling~

More about Gyu-Kaku:
Website / Facebook
368 Alexandra Road, Anchorpoint, Singapore 159952
Tel: +65 6479 4001
Email: anchorpoint@gyu-kaku.com.sg
Operation hours:
Lunch (Daily): 1130h - 1430h (last order 1400h)
Dinner (Daily): 1730h - 2230h (last order 2200h)

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