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Friday, March 14, 2014

[Event] Honeyz Cube Tea Party

Plaza@Cosme at 100am Mall
This time, I attended a tea party with a slightly different theme! XD Organized by Honeyz Cube, Beauty Direct SG and Aibi Style, a group of bloggers and I were treated to a relaxing afternoon with food, beauty and skin/body/nail care products!

No party is complete without an invitation!!

OOTD. Blouse: BOBON 21, Skirt: Axes Femme

Cute cutlery!

Beauty Direct SG is the exclusive distributor for many of the brands they carry, such as Chacott for Professionals. But now you can also get some of the products directly from Honeyz Cube too! Some brands include Starlash, JUJU Cosmetics, EGF, Miccosmo and Lady Sapphire, which you will see below:

Juliana from Honeyz Cube. Very welcoming and friendly!!

White Label series: contains placenta as a main ingredient. Not safe for Muslims though =\
Travel sets @ $16.90! @.@


English translations readily available!

Mama no Kimochi: Mum's Loveee. Bath soap!

MVNE Hair care products, with travel-sized pack!

Information boards. Sadly only useful if you understand Japanese ><

Can I just buy everything T.T

Bottles that allow you to smell how the shampoo smells like!


Miccosmo: Blackheads removal/coverage!


Aquamoist series!

Loretta. Packaging is so nice *A*

I think this is a makeup base? Makes use of reflecting light to minimize large pores. xD

Aibi Style - Rio Nail Foil

While Aibi is best known for fitness equipment, the company is now branching out into health and beauty products! Today, they introduced one of the brands that they carry: RIO.

Lavinia from AIBI Style, showing us how to use the nail foil

Each kit (the nail foil or the nail art pens) are priced at SGD $75. 
 The nail foil set also comes with an instructional DVD. I'm very excited to try it out!

 Starlash/Tokyo Lash

I have been using their lash glue for years now, but I only just found out that it's actually a Singaporean brand! #nowyoualsoknow What I enjoy most about this brand is the selection of party lashes; they have coloured ones, some with little crystals, and the lashes can last a number of wears if you take care of them well ^^ Party lashes for bling-ing up for a fairy kei/goth look or natural lashes for Lolita and mori fashion (:  You can view the full collection here!

Live demonstration!
*kira kira*

Coloured bling bling lashes!

Lashes created for National Day xD
Tokyo Lash Collection. Why isn't it titled Singapore Lash Collection

 Chacott for Professionals


Photo taken by Ler Travel Diary, when she was testing my camera XD

First thought: EH, isn't that the brand Reikaちゃん uses?

Reika Arikawa, a famous cosplayer from Japan, mentioned in a magazine interview (i-weekly, if I remember correctly) that she uses Chacott base makeup because it is long lasting and has good coverage! Now all cosplayers in Singapore can have flawless skin like Reika (within your budget) LOL.

News articles

Store promotions!
Own loot! Travel sets for travelling in the near future!

Goodie bag *A* So grateful to receive this!!

Plaza@Cosme, 100am #03-04
100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar

More about Beauty Direct SG:
Website | Facebook
Beauty Direct started off in 2007 representing a number of salon labels. They also represent exclusive retail consumer beauty brands for the Singapore and Malaysian market. Star Lash is our home label, crafted by the team of beauty experts and growing via positive word-of-mouth from our fans.

More about Honeyz Cube:
Website | Facebook
An online beauty encyclopaedia, simply sign up for a Honeyz Cube account to review and vote for your favourite products and earn cube points to score free full-sized beauty products, deluxe samples and shopping vouchers.

More about Aibi Style:
Website | Facebook
AIBI Style, AIBI's dedicated beauty extension, brings salon-quality beauty treatments to the comfort of your own home. With Rio and no!no! from UK and Israel respectively, under its wing, our range of products includes hair removal gadgets to teeth whitening kits. Currently, AIBI Style retail stores are found in Singapore and Malaysia.


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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.


lerler Chan Monday, March 17, 2014  

wow you are very detail...I did not realise there are many other promotion in the shop ^^

雨夜 [アマヤ] Tuesday, March 18, 2014  

Sorry for the late reply, just recently got back from Indonesia xD

Thanks Ler! :D Have an awesome week!