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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

[Review] But Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask

Endorsed by Aaron Yan (炎亚纶), But, Becky is here to pamper you like a princess! But Becky has 5 types of masks for you to choose from:
- Vitality Soothing Lavender Mask
- Moist-lock Firming HA Mask
- Age-lock Moisturising Wild Yam Mask
- Pure & Whitening Job's Tears Mask
Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask

I will only be reviewing the last one today: Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask, which I got from The Sample Store.

Front and back of the packaging~

Product Features

- Contains Hydrolyzed Pearl Extract, Licorice Extract, Ginko Biloba Extract, L-Ascorbic Acid
- Rich in Vitamin A and C
- Special diamond, double-woven technique for increased absorption, elasticity and fit~
- Helps to soften and whiten skin complexion


I always liked that the mask extends to the neck area, and the ear hooks also take care of the skin behind the ears, which are often neglected in skincare routines. Does not feel sticky or sting.


Not exactly a con, but one mask doesn't produce visible effects, thus will require prolonged use over time to have a better judgement.

Currently, The Sample Store has a discount code that allows you to purchase the masks at 60% discount O:

From But Becky SG FB.

Find out more about But Becky:
Available on Secretive.sg for $14.90 per box (8 pieces)

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*I was not sponsored to review the product(s). Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.