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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

[Event] TFX: Jakarta Toys Fair 10th Anniversary Part 1

So in mid-March I attended an overseas event: Jakarta Toys Fair! It was held at Balai Kartini Expo, Jakarta Indonesia! Raistlin was a guest judge for their competition held on Sunday.

I will be splitting the posts so the main event will be covered in a second part, and this first part is on the sights and sounds (and tastes?!) of Indonesia! (^_^)

Day 1

I guess you would call this FOTD (Face of the Day)? Tried out a new eyeliner style and I think it doesn't suit me OTL.

My full OOTD is on my Instagram (@amaya_enlt).

Stella Lee (http://www.stellalee.net/) came over to bring us to eat good Indonesian food, and she definitely knows her stuff! She's a NHK Kawaii Leader, and AFA ID's emcee, and that's how we met LOL.

She brought us to eat Nasi Padang!

They'll present you everything, then later charge you according to what you ate.

The chicken is awesome! But don't be fooled by the size, it's mostly bone ):


After that wonderful lunch, Stella brought us to a lovely cafe! ^^ PAD@28 spans three stories, and is a cafe, restaurant and bar all-in-one!

English menu! Since we already ate lunch, we ordered some small things.

Mint tea! The metal strainer keeps the tea leaves separate. And they provide brown sugar more than white.
Also ordered Dorayaki with Chocolate! They ran out of the green tea ones ):

BONUS! picture of Stella's hot chocolate!

Day 3

We mostly stayed in the expo for Day 2, so time skip from the main event to after it xD

Richfield first accompanied us to have tea at TWG XD

Watermelon juice with Sakura Sakura Tea! Mild flavour with fragrant smell! #imissjapan

Had scones as well!

Spotted kawaii bags!

Pikachu never goes out of being popular!

And then it was time to go to the airport T.T

Final picture with the cosplay judges! (plus me LOL) 

At the airport, somehow some rape face competition escalated in our whatsapp group while we were at the airport and everyone else was at droid's cafe?! Apparently I judged it LOL.

Please wait for Part 2 for the coverage of the main event! (^_^)


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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.

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