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Saturday, April 12, 2014

[Foodie] Sanpoutei Ramen

Being a ramen-lover, how could I miss out on a new ramen shop that opened so near my school?!

Hailing from Niigata, Japan, Niigata-born shoyu ramen has been carried since its foundation in 1967. What's most special about this ramen is the soup that is stewed for 6 hours, using 2 different kinds of dried sardine imported from Japan, among other ingredients! This is my first time trying out ramen with fish soup stock!

The taste of the soup is really refreshing, and it smells great! If you prefer soups that are not so meaty/heavy, this is a tasty alternative to still enjoy your ramen!

Another unique experience is the bowl used! Made of stainless steel, it is specially made such that the exterior doesn't burn you when you hold it, but the bowl still keeps your ramen hot and piping!

The egg yolk is still runny (+1)! But this depends on bowl because my foodie partner-in-crime got a half-cooked yolk ):

The noodles! They don't look like the usual ramen noodles xD All noodles are specially made in the shop with their noodle-making machine to give a soft,springy and silky texture!

Special shoutout to the bamboo shoots! Although there were rather thickly cut, they were soft but still crunchy! Not the super hard ones you sometimes get elsewhere ._.

I must also say that the location is really convenient! The traditional design is really appealing as well. Low ceiling! #woesofashortie #cheapthrill

Lunch crowd!

After xD It is rather spacious!
Hardworking staff!
The staff are always polite and helpful! During lunch/dinner timings, you might need to call out to them to catch their attention though.

For the ramen lovers who love it spicy, you can try the spicy version! If you're not feeling adventurous, they also have the usual tonkotsu ramen with the pork soup stock. Give this place a try if you're in the area!

Find out more about Sanpoutei Ramen:
253 Holland Ave #01-01, Singapore 278982
[Right outside Holland Village MRT Exit]

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.