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Saturday, April 05, 2014

[Review] sOmang ONL 3D Anti Wrinkle Total Solution CC Cream

Image from The Sample Store.

sOmang is a Popular Beauty and Cosmetics brand from Korea, a leading manufacturer of quality skin care and hair care products. sOmang has won numerous awards for popularity, quality and business excellence.

sOmang has manufactured more than 40 million units of products from its facilities and all products are made in Korea.

Recently, I have been rather interested in CC Creams and wondering how they perform against BB Creams. I didn't catch on the BB Cream trend so much because I found that those I had tried/bought often gave me pimples ): So I got a 1-week suppy of CC Cream samples from The Sample Store. ^^ A micro review for today (so that I have more time to finish up my backlog OTL)

Product Features

- Sticky Liposome Technology: enables the product components to reach the damaged parts of all skin layers and supply the components into our skin. It effectively revitalises aging skin, helps face lifting and creates a long-lasting effect up to 12 hours with only one use.

- 5-in-1 skin care solution:
1+2) as a primer and foundation
3) provides UV protection with SPF 30/PA++
4) wrinkles repair and whitening
5) match your skin tone for an everyday natural look!

- Free of additives: no mineral oil, benzophenone, animal ingredients, BHT or Talc.


Long-lasting and moisturising (: Really does not give you extra shine by the time the afternoon comes. If you got the full-sized product, the dispenser allows you to have more hygienic application as well.

Covers fine lines and redness around my nose (from constant sneezing since I have sinus). Not too sure about my laugh lines though.


It was three packets for a week's supply, so you'll end up having open packets, which I am not too fond of. Again, this is a rather pricey ($69.90 for 35ml) product for the poor student xD That said, a little bit of this product is needed per application, so it should go a long way (:

More about sOmang:
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