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Saturday, June 14, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 2: 三义,苗栗 (Sanyi, Miaoli)

We had reached Sanyi at night, and we had booked a taxi to send us to the hostel (this is a great deal). Plus, our hostel had a backyard where we could watch fireflies from! No photos from there since I didn't have such a pro camera haha! Fireflies usually come out from 7pm to 8pm, so be sure to get your timing right if you want to catch them~

Signboard that indicates our hostel is nearby~

If you've been waiting for photos for the hostels I've stayed in, I don't have much (only take when I remember lol) but I'll post them as I go along~ (=^-ω-^=)

Spot pretty flowers along the stairs!
There are swings and tables and chairs for chilling (when it isn't raining) lol.
Inside the second floor is another common area

Breakfast was provided for the two days we spent here :D Delicious!

Different drinks to choose from~

There was even dessert for one day! XD

I miss Xiao Duo T.T
The hostel has two dogs, but only one is let out to roam indoors while the other is outdoors. Xiao Duo will come after you during breakfast time in the hopes of getting more food lol. He also loves bath time very much xD Although they own dogs, the hostel does not allow guests to bring their own pets into the hostel.

Sheng Xing Station (勝興車站)

It was walkable from our hostel to the train station, so that was what we did! It was raining when we reached, so not many tourists around~!

You can walk along the train tracks to get back to our hostel, or other locations xD

The old street at Sheng Xing.

This sign just confuses people xD Which way should you go for the toilet?! The toilet to the left is way nearer than the toilet to the right though xD

Long Teng Broken Bridge (龍騰斷橋)

Pardon the lousy translation lol. This bridge used to serve the old train system until it broke during the 921 earthquake. Usually there are stalls selling nice food in the area, but since it rained...

Information signboards everywhere! Some have English/Japanese versions as well.

View from the top of the broken bridge. You can also see where the new train tracks are, as well as the old station.

Tong Hua Village Restaurant (桐花村)

This place was recommended by our taxi driver. The restaurant is so named after the flower that is common in Miaoli, but we couldn't see any because the rain washed them all away. Normally, the trees would be flowering till mid-May.

Interior is pretty!
This is where we decided that we should just order one set meal for two people xD Cheap and the portion is pretty big *A*

One set meal *A*
Forgot to take a picture of the receipt/menu, so I forgot what I ate >.> They also have a special gift shop, and if you dined at the restaurant, you would be entitled to a discount!


Pictureseque little area you can have a mini shoot with lol. 

And that's it for part 1 of Sanyi, Miaoli (yes, part 1 of part 2 lol). Splitting it into the next part so I don't spam you with too many pictures xD Also, the places are not travelled in chronological order; some rearranging was done to make the posts flow a bit better. The next post will be primarily on food~

Feel free to email/comment if you have any questions. See you for the next one~!  ヾ(^∇^)

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