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Friday, June 20, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 4: 台中 (Taichung)

Unicorn hostel

On to the next hostel! For all the hostels I have stayed in for the trip, please refer back to my overview post!

Plus point for having cute mascot LOL
I didn't take many pictures as there were already a number of people living in the same room as us (privacy, people!). But the hostel's common area has a lot of information for you~!

Check out all the maps and buses!

Random segue of my OOTD

Yi Zhong Shopping District (一中商区)

This place is an amazing place to shop!! Catered to the middle/high school population, there are lots of cheap shops! For shopping, this place is larger and cheaper than Feng Jia Night Market xD It has expanded into Yi Zhong First Street, Second Street and New City areas! Street food is also available here (^_^)

STAYREAL by Mayday *A*

Left: themed restaurant where you eat out of mini toilet bowls xD

Gongcha! Never got to try the difference ):


Left: they will reach you how to put on your falsies!                            Right: Shibuya-inspired 109 maybe??


Some stores have a few floors to them!

Themed cafe right at the top!

A number of shops sell Japanese cosmetics and skincare brands!

New City area

We didn't have time to walk the New City area because we didn't realise that it was so big O:

The next post will cover the long-awaited Feng Jia Night Market, and other attractions in Taichung~! 

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.