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Monday, June 23, 2014

[Foodie] Symmetry Cafe

I've bombarded you with many posts about my trip to Taiwan (and it's not even 20% of the trip yet), but here's a foodie location closer to home~!

The Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206)
Mon (10.30am - 9pm)
Tue - Thu (10.30am - 11pm)
Fri (10.30am - midnight)
Sat (9am - midnight)
Sun (9am - 7pm)

Symmetry Cafe is located within walking distance from Bugis MRT. Upon entering, I was really attracted by the interior!

LOL godzilla noodle

Instead of getting a main, I got one of their breads! Which also proved too filling to finish xD

Croissant with bacon and egg!

What's not to love about this! I adore bacon haha. I was a bit surprised to taste sweetness from the sauce, but I felt that it blended quite well after a while. Generous portions of meat and egg in comparison to the bread~ which is how I normally eat bread lol.

Top up $4 for truffle fries! I would forgo it next time though.

Symmetry Cafe only uses one kind of coffee beans, so order what you like~ I got myself a latte :D

The biscuit is so cute!

Little lego men and other toys are all over the place (:

The silver tin contains sugar! I half-expected sugar cubes xD

All in all, I found it a very nice place to relax and daydream. Avoid the lunch hour for it gets really noisy in there. The crew is rather attentive; it was a very pleasant experience! 

Not really related, but aren't they colourful?

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