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Sunday, July 13, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 10: Tainan (台南:安平木屋,安平古堡)

Our first stop in the morning was breakfast! Our hostel owners made use of the cards to tell us where to go and what to eat!

There's a sweet set too!

We didn't manage to go to the exact stall in the cards, but we still went to one! Which was also very delicious!!

Milkfish is native to Tainan, and the natives take pride in their skill of de-boning this fish! Pictured above is fish skin soup~

Just look at it~ LOL

Anping Tree House (安平树屋)

Anping is an important historical location as well as tourist spot! We made this spot our second stop because we were told that the special limited edition ice-cream sells out really quickly...

You can spot these lion statues everywhere in Tainan! Each one looks different from the other. The saying goes that during the Japanese occupation, the soldiers would place their swords in the mouth of the lion's statue in front of their house. Thus, when thieves see the statue, they will not rob that house but others. So people started copying it to protect their own homes xD

If you come to Tainan, you must definitely make a trip to Anping!

Located next to the British Tait & Co. Merchant House, the Anping Tree Houses (安平樹屋) used to be a warehouse of Tait’s. Tait & Co. was one of the British Trading Company branches established in Taiwan in 1867. This beautiful western Colonial style architecture has a totally distinct look from the traditional Anping houses. Now, it is a wax museum showing the immigrants’ life in Taiwan’s history.

Because the warehouse was abandoned for many years, a giant banyan tree has occupied the warehouse.

[Above excerpt from Wandering Taiwan]


Inside there is a cafe! Which sells the limited edition only-found-here ice-cream! Sun Moon Lake Black Tea flavour xD

You can buy the cards and other trinkets from the shop!

Yay we got the ice-cream :D
We also went to this other place, but I cannot remember the name anymore ): It was about sand...

Also on display, a Japanese style room xD

There's a lot of food to eat in Anping! Beancurd is a must!

The queues for eating inside and take away are separate.

Original and Lemon!

We also walked past one of the many Matsu temples in Tainan, all claiming to be the first to be built haha xD

Anping Old Fort (安平古堡)

Named Fort Zeelandia when the Dutch built it, but renamed to Anping Old Fort when the Japanese came and rebuilt the fort.

Right outside there was shop selling this ice-cream xD After the fort, it was time for lunch! A lot of the shops were not open though ):

This was delicious!

As our last stop, we headed to a famous shop selling only prawn rolls! No picture before we ate them all XD

Public transport in Tainan is not well developed, thus we took a cab back to our hostel. Our experiences with cabs have been pleasant :D

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