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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 11: Tainan, Kaohsiung (台南,高雄)

I have started working for about a week now! Full-time employment is intimidating, but I am excited to start on a new leg of life! Employment = $$ to learn new skills, achieve new dreams! Meanwhile, I will relive my trip through blogging! XD

I have zero photos of Hua Yuan Night Market because we went out with our hostel owners for a good time there xDD

I wish I had chosen to stay here longer though T.T

Apparently, the big boss of this shop, Qi Ge, is the car park attendant O.O

We also had a very interesting alcohol-variant of bubble tea! We wonder if they have to check IC since there's alcohol mixed into it xD About half a can of Heineken~

Our last stop for Tainan sightseeing before we headed off for Kaohsiung: Chihkan Tower!

Chihkan Tower (赤坎楼)

You can see different architecture styles all in one place! After walking around, it's time for more noms (LOL).

Thick soup with squid balls. 

We then headed to a temple because we were told that there was good meat balls in the area!

Be careful or you might just miss it like we did xD

There's a rule that you must order at least one set per 2 people. Three people cannot order one set xD

Noodles made from fish meat! Not your normal noodles. So-so only?
You can try three different styles in one bowl by adding pepper and later, vinegar!

Kaohsiung - Backpacker 41

Since one of the owners of our Tainan hostel is from Kaohsiung, she was very helpful to even give us a food list for Kaohsiung! Which was awesome and lucky cause honestly, our hostel owner in Kaohsiung was not helpful at all...

Spareribs Soup + Noodles (排骨酥汤)
Needed breakfast for the next day, so we headed to a bakery!

Bought their signature bread~! It's huge!
In Kaohsiung, everywhere is accessible via Metro! If you want to catch the beautiful stained glass ceiling at Meilidao Station, you don't have to exit at the station to view it :D

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