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Saturday, July 19, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 12: Kaohsiung (高雄:糖厂,驳二特区,吴宝春)

Not too many photos for this leg of the trip because I went down with heat stroke ):

Taiwan Sugar Museum (糖厂)

This place is also the second home of Ten Drums. I highly recommend that you watch their show! Getting a ticket to watch the show also earns you a complimentary guided tour around the sugar factory :DD

This factory was originally built by the Japanese, because Taiwan had a good climate to grow sugar cane. After the war, it was slowly abandoned, then converted into a museum.

Entrance to underground shelters during the war period.

Before watching the show, the tour guide brought us to learn more about the drums used by the troupe! Previously it was open for public to try, but now closed ):

The triangular drums were made specially for their second home, inspired by sails.

And guess what? We stumbled onto their Zombie Walk held in the same area!

All the humans running away lol.

Pier-2 Art Center (驳二特区)

Didn't spend a lot of time here because I was unwell due to the heat ): But there are a lot of art exhibitions here to view for free!

There isn't a lot of food available around the art center, so I recommend eating before, and buying water before going xD Making use of an app called iPeen, we looked for lunch! And found this interesting place below! If you ask for a menu, you will get scolded lol. Thankfully, the app reviews told us what we could get xD



Duck organs' soup! Awesome. Rather heaty though ><

Wu Pao Chun Bakery (吴宝春)

This bakery is a must-visit for bread lovers! It is the world's number one O: They also have a new outlet in Taipei. This bakery only allows a set number of people in at a time, so you have to wait for people to finish shopping before you're allowed in as a batch.

Even though they sell many breads, only two are the award-winning ones! I only photographed one though xD

One huge bread like this can last about 3 days xD
Best part: our Tainan friends came to see us off xD Bought us green bean soup to bring down heatiness -so touched-

After Kaohsiung, it is the hottest time of the trip: Kenting!
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