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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 13: Hengchun, Kenting (恒春,恳丁)

We couldn't find suitable accommodation for us in Kenting, so we stayed somewhere further up, in Hengchun. Thankfully, our hostel provides Kenting tours for a fee! Bring along your student ICs and the guides can get your cheaper, student tickets for places that have entry fee (: Be sure to let your tour guide know you're a student if he/she doesn't ask!

Breakfast room!

All this was prepared for us by the staff~!
After breakfast, we boarded our bus for the day tour around Kenting!

First stop in Kenting was this place which spouted natural gas. Usually it is lighted, unless it rains. Then, someone will come along to light it up again!

After that, we headed over to a suspension bridge. It looks much prettier in the sunset haha!

You can learn surfing here!

Random flowers~
Next stop in Kenting National Park was Eruanbi Park and Observatory! We went on a Monday, so the lighthouse museum wasn't open to public. The lighthouse is still in use though, so no visitors are allowed up.

Lots of wonderful scenery!

This apparently is some kissing rocks...? Barely touching one another. As you can expect, many couples take shots here haha.

Kenting has beaches which contain the highest percentage of  tiny shells!

船帆石, also known as Nixon Rock cause it looks like President Nixon LOL
Then a quick stopover for lunch!

Colourful houses!!

Then it was on our way to the National Museum on Marine Biology and Aquarium! A little on the ex side.

Whale! They used to have shows, but have now been removed.

The museum has scheduled informative talks that you can catch!

And we caught a rainbow!!

Maobitou rock (猫鼻頭), looks like a cat's head! Someone is fishing in the mouth LOL.
After that, we headed to Guanshan for the sunset viewing! There is a viewing area, but it's usually jam packed with tourists, so our tour guide brought us to a less crowded location further down the mountain. Still pretty despite all the clouds~!

The second day was spent finding food in Kenting~! It was still really hot though xD

Found a really nice place called 董娘の店! Run by an old lady, she told us that she had visited Singapore before!

Handmade tofu

Pork rice with egg!
Rice is quite special! With barley?

Summer is the season for onion! Onion salad~

After lunch we searched for two bun shops! Weren't as delicious as we expected? But it could be because we waited till we got back to eat them... Located within 5 minutes of each other xD

Some friends introduced us to this eatery located near the train station! Something unique is that there are no prices; you pay what you want to pay! It is a popular location amongst students, especially.

This is her cashbox! You just put in the amount of money you like~!
At first, we thought it would be just a main dish, but there was appetizer and drink too!


Chicken chop baked rice.

Next stop: Hualien! I am coming to the end of my 21-day trip, finally! XD It is always fun to blog about my trip now that I've started full-time employment. Own money to spend, but now with lesser time and more commitments~ T.T
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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.