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Thursday, July 03, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 7: Sun Moon Lake + Cing Jing Farm (日月潭,清境农场)

Sun Moon Lake (日月潭)

We made our way from Taichung, bus ride took about an hour. We didn't manage to have a lot of time here because a storm came midway xD

April and May is the season for firefly viewing!

Not too many photos as the places are pretty jam packed with tourists =\

Lots of greenery to appreciate while walking along the many footpaths to get to the next temple!

Shao Village Restaurant. Rather ex if you ask me =\

The mushrooms dish was pretty nice though!

Since I had already gone on the boat rides twice, I let my friend take a solo trip while I just chilled at the side. It was rather annoying to have people keep asking if you've bought a ticket to ride though >.<


After taking this photo, the rain came in horrifyingly quickly xD

Cing Jing Farm (清境农场)

Cing Jing Farm was actually a last-minute decision because our hostel owner told us it would be better to go. There was nothing much in Puli, after all xD He recommended us to take the bus from Taichung straight, but since the bus would pass by Puli regardless, it didn't matter much to us? xD

We had to deposit our luggage, so we alighted earlier to do so. Then more bus waiting to get to the main attraction!

And we're here!
Meh mehs spotted!!
Scenery is great too!

Shops selling food and drink if you feel tired!

We were there on a weekday, so no sheep shearing performance was on. We also missed the horse performance, which only happens twice a day.

Touristy chop! Also if you want to get back in.
The windmill that everyone selfies with xD

Alpacas too!

You can put money into this machine to get food to feed the sheep.
You could also get a horseback ride!

Or pony

This sheep was bleeping at us. Think it sees us as food givers!

 As always, there will be a gift shop in the area!

Overall, it was quite leisurely! Since the weather wasn't too hot as well, we enjoyed ourselves in the greenery ((: It was a bit annoying to have people keep trying to get you on their cab while we were waiting for our bus back. No harm, but =\

We checked out this rather interesting scent library while waiting for the bus!

And that concludes Nantou! Moving on to Chiayi in the next post~

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