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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 8: Chiayi (佳义)

Short stopover at Chiayi before continuing to Tainan~!

An Lan Jie Hostel

It was rather interesting that our hostel was located inside a residential/office building xD

The tags in front change when the people change~

Very handy map! 

Common area to have breakfast and chats!

Didn't take much photos of the interior because our room was really quite busy and full.

Chiayi Prison (佳义监狱)

One attraction that we went to was Chiayi Prison! It was originally built by the Japanese during the Occupation, but was converted and preserved for viewing. You cannot view it at your own leisure; you must be accompanied by their own tour guide, which is at particular timings.

Japanese architecture 

Back then you would pray to the Japanese Emperor...

The prison itself is made up of three individual blocks, where different types of prisoners were held. Picture above is where the prison guard would stand watch to see if anyone was causing trouble anywhere.

Prisoners were taught some handicraft skills so that they can earn a living once they got out! You can see the Japanese influence xD

As Chiayi Prison was only open for public viewing very recently, they have kept some of the stuff they used during the grand re-opening, as below:

Overall, it was a very informative tour! But there were times it felt a little rushed to avoid the larger tour groups. Going early would be ideal.

Foodie Places

Chicken rice! Very different from our own but still yummy!

I can't remember what we came here to eat, but it was closed ): for that one day! ):

Handmade ice-cream with green bean ice! Peanut and Chocolate!

You get discount if you wear shorts while ordering xD Wacky marketing gimmick

Kids meal LOL

Went to an arts museum~

Random snap LOL

And then we're off to Tainan!

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