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Friday, July 11, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 9: Tainan (台南,武圣夜市)

I've finally reached my favourite part of the trip!

Honestly, I didn't have much expectations of this place because it simply happened to be one of the stops in our plans that we thought we should go to. Thankfully, we had very awesome hostel owners/friends who helped us plan our days there and made us want to stay there for more!

AT Home

Once again, starting off with photos from our hostel! Although it's a 4-storey building, it can only house 10 tenants at max capacity! So you can be sure that it's spacious and comfortable and quiet.

It's actually within a residential estate. 

We arrived way earlier than expected, but lucky for us, the owner was in!

We had booked in an all-girls' dorm of four people, but there was only the two of us for the days we stayed in, so we had the whole house to ourselves!! *awesomeness*

View outside our room!
We clicked with the owners very well! Always chatted till late at night plus still chatting even after we're back from Taiwan LOL. They even bought us the famous black tea for us to try!

Looks completely unappetising but! Taste is awesome.

It even made it into the pack of cards which I will introduce later~

Everyone gets a few sockets to charge things~

Own night light!

Guestbook with stationery + chops for the stamp collectors!
When one of the owners, Abby, heard that we had no plans (Abby: 那你来这里干嘛), she even sat down with us for a few hours to plan our trip!

Armed and ready to conquer as much food as possible lol

They even have a piano! xD Awesome morning entertainment because my friend knew how to play xD

Wu Sheng Night Market (武圣夜市)

Wu Sheng Night Market is a smaller night market compared to Hua Yuan Night Market, but it is one that the locals will frequent more often. Open only on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Within walking distance from our hostel too (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I enjoyed this one a lot more than I did at Feng Jia. Oh and this night market has no bins, because you're allowed to throw trash freely on the ground xD They have people hired to clean up the place, we found out.


I didn't dare to try this xD


Even fresh bread!

There are even seats for you to take a break when you're tired~

And even games!


Random picture of my beef skewers~ Sprinkled with sea salt.

Soft serve ice-cream

That concludes our first night at Tainan! More food and attractions to come!

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.