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Monday, August 04, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 16: Lo Dong, Yilan (罗东,宜兰)

Are you tired of my posts to Taiwan yet XDDD The trip is definitely ending in the next few posts~ Will be posting up a personal life update when I am freer later~

What I really liked about Yilan was that the pace here was pretty laidback, and there was lots to do!

First we headed off to try this vermicelli soup! Although the sign reads "Outside the temple", the location now isn't outside the temple xD But this road used to be right outside the old temple, and thus a lot of the shops here have been open for tens of years!

Our next stop was Lin Ji Tang Bao! The XL version of our Xiao Long Bao xD

You would be given a soup spoon and a straw to drink the soup xD We were there a little earlier than their opening time, but they still took our order and served it. Yay!

After a heavy breakfast, it was time to burn some calories!

Lo Dong Cultural Area (罗东文化园区)

This whole area includes the oldest train station in Lo Dong~

Model trains available for photos!

You can find migratory birds and other species resting in this lake!

 I think this place would be really pretty in autumn~!
After a scenic walk, we headed southwards to another smaller town, Su Ao!

Su Ao Dou Fu Jia (苏澳豆腐岬)

I can't remember why it is named after tofu... But it is actually a rocky cliff in a seafaring town~!

Matzu temple, very important to fishermen and sailors.

Since we are near the sea, seafood is a must-try~! The one below was pretty good, but pricey compared to whatever else we've been eating xD

Fried pawns....

Steamed fish!

There was some online confusion about whether Su Ao had a place to keep luggage, since it was such a small train station. But there is!

Nah, picture proof!
After Su Ao, we headed to Yilan! Or Ilan, as the Taiwan government has decreed.

Such cute road signs!!
What I was so excited for to be Yilan was the Jimmy (几米) illustrations!!! His work has a whole park dedicated to it *A* Sad thing was that no matter what time I went, it was chock full of tourists (even at 7am ._.).

Mr Right and Miss Left~! Mr Right has been blocked ):
The train station is decorated with his illustrations~!

Reached our hostel in Yilan! Dansely hostel \o/ The front is a shop run by the hostel owner's wife.

Our hostel owner wrote us a map! Yilan is the main town in the township of Yilan and quite well-developed, so there wasn't much to do? After getting some food, we followed the plan to go to Jiaoxi~

The shop above is moving down the street to a bigger location~!
My travel buddy and I spent one morning apart, and I headed to this pretty cool breakfast place!

The vehicle is a real one that the boss bought and refurbished to become the kitchen!
Generic, but cute packaging!
I think I got ham+egg combi...

After breakfast, our first stop was the waterfalls~!

There are three levels of waterfalls you can view, but the highest level was closed because it started raining T.T But the rocky roads did become very slippery ><

Left is the first level waterfall, right is the second! You can see the difference in flow and intensity. How awesome would the third look O:

Next, we headed for Lanyang Museum~! The museum features not only exhibits inside, but the whole surroundings as well! You can head inside for an introductory video on how the place was built without damaging the surrounding ecosystem, while being all beautiful at the same time :D

Mini piano exhibit

Each block dries at a different rate, giving you a different scene every time (:

And that pretty much concludes Yilan! Next stop is the final one, and the one people are most familiar with: TAIPEI~

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