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Friday, August 15, 2014

[Amaya Travels] Taiwan Trip Part 18: Taipei (台北)

Yes I promise you, this is the last post xDD I really enjoying posting pictures from the trip, and adding comments where I can remember! It's like reliving the trip all over again #cheapthrill

We spent some time at Cheng Pin bookstore!

Random breakfast meal xD

Xin Bei Tou (新北投)

We weren't so game about trying hot springs, but we were okay with soaking our feet in one (that is also free)!

Spent the day learning more about the hot springs in Beitou, and admiring more Japanese architecture~!

A hall with tatami! Closed to visitors though ):

Room slippers! :D

The huge common bath

After asking around for directions and some googling, we found the free foot soak hot springs :D

Since we heard that buying electronics was cheaper in Taiwan than Singapore, we paid a visit to their largest electronics market: Guang Hua (光华商场)! Nearby was a famous pancake place, which we patronized! The filling is WAY MORE than the Singapore version xD Very worth the money :D

Flavours not found in SG available too!

We didn't have fixed plans, so we decided to drop by 西门红楼! When we did a search on Wiki to see what was inside, we only found info on a gay bar ._. But were we pleasantly surprised!

It houses 16 workshops, which includes several artsy and quirky brands, and is sure to delight you (:

Ximending (西门町)

Pretty much a random collection of photos~

Had conveyor belt sushi for dinner xD Cheaper than in Singapore!

We tried all the specials xD

When in Taiwan, eating cup noodles is a must!

Only succeeded on the last day LOL

Omiyage back for the ones waiting for us back home!!

Just for our special buddy waiting for us back at home, we chiong-ed to the Wu Pao Chun branch in Taipei to buy bread back for her xD

And it's HOME SWEET HOME (like finally!) XDD

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.