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Monday, September 01, 2014

[Event] AFA Indonesia 2014

Hello there 8D How has everyone been?

I have actually written this post over several days (procrastination ftw) and also because I am now left with a pitiful length of free time to blog ):

I am lucky to be employed full-time so quickly after my graduation \o/ Life has been treating me well~!

Attended AFA Indonesia again this year, and made lots of wonderful friends~! I had planned to do a event coverage like I did last year, but I spent so much time accompanying the guests and doing translations left right and center, that I honestly didn't walk much of the grounds >.<

I volunteered to be an LO again this year! ^^v

I always get the window seat because my friend will always switch with me if he gets it LOL.

Flew in Friday morning, and the hotel we stayed in was fabulous~!

Awesome breakfast everyday!!
Tea :D
Breakfast area is also spacious :D 

Since I reached on Day 1 of the event itself, simple outfit! After that, it was media interviews for the guests, and I was tasked with translating most of the Mandarin~! It was less stressful than I thought XD

Reached the venue to collect my LO pass! 
We also spent some time outside to do a "WELCOME TO AFA ID" clip gosh, that was pretty fun xD

Check it out at 0:13 - 0:15 xDDD

And also 0:24 - 0:28 for Day 2 Highlights! Yeah we actually took them all in one day :P

We decided not to get a local SIM card, since we knew the backstage had WIFI access \o/ But our room had no wifi OTL We had to walk out of the room to use wifi hahaha!

Which led to this LOL


Day 1 Group shot with all the guests!
Special shot with the Love Live trio! Really enjoy the songs and playing the game app! 
The event in the English version was still on-going and I was playing it every chance I got lol.

I really enjoyed being backstage and helping out because the guests were all kind, friendly beings T.T Really happy to make friends with all of them *^^* minus the bullying LOL

Media interviewing time~!

There was an All Star Cosplay Show happening on Day 1, and we had the guests line up in a line before they went up on stage. Then this happened:

Thousand Hand Guanyin pose LOLOLOL (please pardon the lighting hahaha)

The guests also made special appearances at the AFA Shop to promote their merchandise~! Look at the huge crowd coming for Hana and Baozi  o/

And I learnt a Bahasa catchphrase!

JANGAN PAKEH FLAAAASH -insert Iron Man pose-

LOL. It basically means "Do not use flash photography" xD Poor emcee at the mini stage had practically no voice on the 3rd day xD

Day 2

Day 2 outfit! Still keeping it simple.

Of course, what is an event without taking selfies~! I wish I had an instax camera >.<

Left: Pinky Lu Xun as Strea (SAO) and Aza Miyuko as Kotori (Love Live)

With Jameskiller! I think she is very pretty heehee
Fellow Sherlock fan FTW!!! She kept trying to feed me with seaweed LOL

With Kisaki Urumi cosplaying SONICO! She's super friendly~

The lovely ladies cosplaying Asuna and Leafa from SAO! 
Day 2 was the Singles Cosplay competition~! Judges were grouped together, and asked to find 5 cosplayers to participate in the Singles! Some selected pictures:

KPP cosplay!

And the eventual winner:

Kudos to the human being inside!! If I remember correctly, this was chosen by King xDD

Day 3

I (finally) had some time to walk around the venue! Wanted to find Momo to wish her Happy Graduation but she was busy >.<

Last day of AFA, and I was heading back that very night because of work the next day T.T I heard I missed a lot of good chats on Sunday night. O.o

There were so many more exhibitors this year!

The second round of the All Stars Cosplay Show~!

Danny asked Hana to teach him the pose on screen HAHA

No photos of the ARCC Prelims because my camera ran out of battery T.T I think this happened last year too ._.

Final/last-minute/I-am-leaving-soon photos/selfies XD

With Ying Tze and Pinky cosplaying from the series Samurai Warriors!

Left: Richfield as Tachibana (Samurai Warriors) and Angie (I'm sorry I forgot the chara T.T)!

Left: Yuegene Fay as Matsuoka Rin (FREE!) and King狂间 as Yamazaki Sousuke (FREE!) 

Did you catch their fanservice on Day 3?

Some people very kindly took a video LOL. ENJOY~ You are welcome~ XD

After sending Baozi and Hana off (Baozi had to leave on Sunday too), it was my turn to leave~!

I don't want to go home T.T Naru joked that I can stay at his house LOL.
Writing this post makes me miss them so much >.<

Guess who accompanied me to sit on the floor  next to the wall <3


I wasn't feeling too well and thus, sociable + knowing that I was going back soon on Day 3, and there were so many people I knew, it was hard to balance out my time with everyone >.<

Oh well, we will meet again soooon~!

See you when I see you (:

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.