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Friday, October 03, 2014

。◕‿◕。 What have I been doing?

So it's been about a few months since I came back from my graduation trip back in May. Since I started full-time employment in July, life has been a hectic but still wonderful frenzy to manage both work and life.

I also jumped ship from Apple to Sony and got an Xperia Z1! The camera has been awesome :D

Even more recently, I ended three shows with my choir, ONE. It is always a happiness booster to be singing with like-minded people (: If you didn't catch us, there are more shows to come!

Some key moments in life other than attending events (such as CosfestAFA Indonesia and Kawaii in Manila 2):


Means it is time to have a graduation shoot aha~!

Sweet Paradox Art Exhibit

Ranging from paintings to sculptures, artworks displayed are very animated in style. However, the topic each artwork raises a serious issues in society.

MIZUMA Gallery

Singapore Zoo

#dontaskmewhylol I have not been there in ages!!

The splash show (above) was so much better than the elephant show o/

Work takes up majority of my time now, and it is tough juggling music lessons, choir and blogging as it is now OTL #andpeopleaskwhyidontcosplay I am mostly active on my Instagram (which has also slowed to a crawl hahaha), so follow me at @amaya_enlt if you want the latest updates~!

Recent music muse: Rajaton~

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*Emoticons courtesy of JapanLover.me.