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Sunday, November 02, 2014

[Event] Gamestart 2014

I'm still alive! \o/

Attended a gaming event, Gamestart 2014, last weekend at Suntec~! Brought my 3DS down as well since it would be the best opportunity to collect street passes XD

It was a really small event spanning only one hall, but thankfully the crowd control was much better on the second day. I didn't have to spend hours in a queue, and it wasn't as jam packed as I expected it to be based on first day reports.

With every ACG event, comes the cosplayers and photographers~!
The event hall was really dark O.O

You could try the Bloodborne demo in here~!

Versus City provides you with a chance to play several old school games~!

Beautiful art

The stage was also full of activities. I managed to catch the Beat The Producer! segment for Naruto's Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution! The producers were game enough to cosplay as Naruto and Kakashi too :D Apparently, the producer was so confident in his gaming skills, he said that if he lost, he would swim back to Japan xDDD

He lost about 5 times XD

There was also a cosplay singles competition going on~

Judges from near to far: Yuegene Fay (Thailand), Yasemin Arslan (Australia) and Tessie Tan (Singapore)
The competition was a singles one, and there were about 14 contestants! There was a pre-judging held earlier to examine the costumes close up!

This one had steam coming out from the back! There was the smell of incense everywhere LOL

League of Legends was popular!


Lightning from Final Fantasy

Silent Hill

All the winners~
Cadaq was also one of the exhibitors that day! You could get a 3D figure of yourself printed for $10! Add another $25, and they will provide you the data file, which you can bring elsewhere to get a 3D figure printed in full colour~ Check out the process here!

It's tough to not move up there!
At every event, I also get to meet friends~!

The first thing my lovely friend said to me was "We get to meet again in XX months!"


Good bye you, till XX months later. (LOL you know I still love you XD)

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